June 9th, 2005


Nutrition Class IV

Nutrition class met at Albertson's. It was so lame, again. She had a list of items and space to write in four of the basic nutritional values found on the standard labels. Then she sent us out with shopping carts, each pair of students was assigned 7 items to bring back to our meeting point between the ATM machines and the produce section. Logistically it wasn't too bad, we rarely got in anyone's way.

I thought this was a stupid way to do it, and inconsiderate of the store and its customers. We would have done better to walk through the store as a group (it has wide, long aisles) and not take refrigerated and frozen items out of their place for 15 minutes.

She didn't teach us anything new. She didn't show us how to read the labels, and two of the key nutrition components she was harping on were not on her list. And she went way overboard touting the goodness of including fat in the diet. She's whacked. Her reasoning is fat fills you up faster. Her theory is a body can't eat as much standard ice cream, or as quickly as one can eat nonfat ice cream. How does she think we all got to be as fat as we are? She's about 5'2" tall, and maybe 115 lbs. I doubt if she could put away a quart of any kind of ice cream.

Another shocker is she asked one of the pairs to find a certain brand of sea bass, since she knew they harvest Chilean, which she knows is an endangered species, and is not legal to sell in the US. But she thinks it tastes much better than any other kind. Personally I can't tell the difference between sea bass and halibut, let alone Chilean vs. domestic sea bass.

What was funny is she was in a rush to get the frozen foods done first, so they could be put back in the freezer first. We need to give this child some science classes. It's the refrigerated stuff which was going to reach room temperature first, the frozen foods will stay frozen for a lot longer than the butter and margerine will stay cold.

She also went overboard with the variety of fruit & veggies she had that pair pick out. All she was trying to do was show how pretty all the different colors were. Again, it would have worked better and faster if we had just walked through the store.

About the only thing she got right was pointing out Promise spread as a margarine substitute. It has no cholesterol or fat or sugar. However she missed the fact that it has twice the sodium.

I had been hoping this last one would have given me at the very least some new food ideas, but it didn't. She didn't even touch on breads, cheeses, meats, or the dirty tricks the stores pull to get you to buy junk food. Turns out she didn't really know any.

I won't be going to the last two classes.

Gripe de Jour - Stoopid Pedestrians

It started on my way to the post office at lunchtime. Some idiot was walking in the bike lane, doing a poor immitation of power walking holding 2-lb weights in her hands. There's a perectly good sidewalk and it's a major thoroughfare.

Then I turned left towards downtown Mountain View. A couple come out of Tied House and wandered across the road, not paying attention to traffic coming in both directions. Tied house is in the middle of a very short block, at each corner there are stop signs and crosswalks, but these bozos decided they should just take the most direct route to their car.

At Castro street, people were crossing both with and against the light, and it took four vehicles three cycles of the light just to get across the street.

Coming into the parking lot, some guy is walking down the center of the traffic lane, ignoring the sidewalk three feet to his right.

Leaving the PO, a bunch of teenagers decided to cross as a herd, diagonally across the 4-way stop, taking up the whole intersection and holding up traffic in all directions.

Turning right, and going another two bloocks, a woman rushes out of a beauty parlor, dashes in front of me in the middle of the street and pulls her car door open just before I pass by.

The rest of the drive back to work was just the usual vehicular stupidity.
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