June 11th, 2005



None of my friends has posted since before 7 pm yesterday, almost 13 hours. Come on, people, you're supposed to be entertaining me. It's all about me, why don't you know that?

All week I was late to work. Couldn't manage to get out of bed before 8, or out the door before 9, except for Friday when I was out by 8:30 because I had a fasting blood test to do. But Kaiser MV lab was so crowded that by 9:15 I had still not gotten my number to wait in line, so late to work again. Late for me, that is. So why am I up and at 'em before my alarm went off this morning?

Today will be a bit of an adventure. Driving up to Sacramento, playing tourista for the day, staying at a fancy hotel. Saturday night, maybe I'll Get Lucky. Sunday morning will drive a few miles to Rancho Cordova to meet a cousin I have not seen in about 25 years. Maybe longer. It's my mom's cousin, actually. He was her closest cousin when we were growing up in New York, a major achievement because she had about 150 (her parents had more than 20 siblings between them). I knew him as a driver's ed instructor, but a while after we moved to Seattle, he moved to Florida, and ended his career as a high school principal.

He and his wife are retired, and this is their CA/NV vacation. We'll get together in the morning, then they check out of their motel and drive to Stateline and I'll drive back home. My trip to Iowa is delayed, so I don't have to rush home to pack, but that's another story.
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