June 14th, 2005


Down But Not Out

My cable internet connection is down, I'm online through my cell phone. 230.4 kbps, not bad, really. Better than a dial-up modem by quite a chunk.

So I'm able to share this image with you. This arrived in the mail today. It is the strangest ad for a free trial of a men's magazine soft core porn site I have ever seen.
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In other news, my mother called on my cell phone while I was in the process of hooking it up as a modem, to find out if I had survived the earthquake. She got a frantic call from my sister's mother-in-law all in a panic because my sister and her hubby are visiting Seattle, and mother-in-law just knew that a quake in northern California would cause a tsunami which would flood Seattle. 100 miles inland. 600 miles from the epicenter.

Mom's concern was because she didn't happen to have a map of California around, and the only thing she knew was the name of the town, not where in CA it was. Crescent City was the place, in case you haven't heard. Since my network connection was down, and I haven't had the TV or radio on today, I hadn't heard about it.

So I dug out my AAA tour book, and looked it up. Crescent City is the first town in CA after you cross the OR border on 101. There are two significant things about it. One is it is the only city in the continental USA which has ever had people killed by a tsunami, so a 7.x quake there is something to pay attention to. The other thing is in 1965 or 1966, shortly after we moved to Seattle, Mom & Dad drove us down the Oregon coast, hoping to reach San Francisco in 2 days so we could at least say we saw the city before driving back in time for the end of the 4-day weekend. We had hoped to stay overnight in Crescent City, but all the motels were full, so we slept in the car by the side of the road. Never saw SF, because we toured the Muir Woods, which took a lot longer than planned. We now all know how close we had come to our goal - at the time we had no idea another 20 minutes and we would have made it to the GG viewpoint.
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