June 18th, 2005



I've started to tag my posts, in a limited way. LJ's docs are not too clear on how users take advantage of the tags, I'll leave that to you to figure out. Tagged now are my friends-only posts on weight loss surgery and job hunting. Public posts pointing to my photos are also tagged.
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Another Saturday Night

For a boring day I got a lot done. For not getting out of bed till 11 I got a lot done. Chores, mostly.

The morning project was to re-arrange the bedroom. The idea was to reverse the side of the bed I got out of. My theory is the reason I grab the covers with my left hand in the morning (that's the hand with the trigger fingers and the thumb brace) is that's the side of the bed I get out on. The other side being close to the wall.

The layout of the bedroom is such that the most efficient use of space calls for the bed to simply be rotated 180° with the headboard pushed to the opposite wall. This had a couple of unanticipated good side effects. First it puts my head where the 5:47 am sunshine no longer streams through the gap between the curtain and the wall, and into my eyes. Second, it puts the TV on the same side of the room as the window, so no more glare. It also puts the phone in a more accessible location. The down side is it required another power strip and an extra 15' of coax for the cable feed. And the drawers where my socks and such reside is in a slightly less accessible location by the foot of the bed.

The change spooked the cats a little bit - they avoided the bed until about half an hour ago.

After lunch I did some shopping, returning a $25 pet hair clipper to The French Store (it was exactly the same make and model as my own hair clipper) and buying $45 of assorted kitchen, bathroom and auto stuff. Stopped at Safeway on the way home and bought some items which Albertson's didn't have, or didn't have at a good price. Got home and filled the car's windshield washer tank and charged the air conditioning system (both with stuff from Target). Took the non-fat milk I'd bought at Safeway and made a couple of batches of sugar free nonfat instant chocolate pudding, pouring it into 10 1-cup (or so) plastic containers, snapped the lids on them and stacked them in the fridge for lunches.

That done I went out onto the patio with a glass of lime water, a cut up Valencia orange, and Song of Susannah(The Dark Tower, Book 6) and the phone. Chatted with a friend, ate the orange, and read for a couple of hours while the cats wandered the patio, taking turns jumping on the arms and back of the stuffed chair I was sitting in.

Somewhere in there I noticed that Pumpkin was eating plant clippings which had piled up along one side of the patio. Today was the day to get out the tools and 30-gal. garbage bag, and clear out the detritus.

The patio is oddly made - the cement floor only goes to within a foot of the wall between my patio and the neighbors. That final foot is bare earth. Towering over the patio are two enormous Sequoias and one not so enormous one, still taller and more lush than anything else around. As a result I sweep the patio of redwood branches and seed pods every couple of days. I sweep them into that earthen strip. The pile had gotten to be about 4 inches deep and 10 feet long.

And then I changed out the litterbox, while I was on a roll.

After reading, I decided to check out a new massage therapist who opened up an office not too far from my favorite Starbuck's. The idea was to get a massage, have dinner at Boston Market, then do some more reading at Starbuck's. And it worked out just fine.

Got home, fed the fish, and have been on the computer since.
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