June 20th, 2005


Day of the Sun

Woke up on the newly reversified bed, and pulled the covers off with my left hand, as per habit. I'll have to work on that.

Got up at 7 just to shoot up & take meds, then back to bed. Nothing special to do today which required getting out of bed. Got up for real anyway around 10, phoned my baby sister at 11 to sing Happy Birthday to her (she's 46) and chat.

Today's project was re-doing the patio. Turns out the plants I'd lined the patio rail with (all 12 feet of it) had been bought in the winter when there was never any direct sunlight on the patio - the apartment faces west, the patio is on the east side. Summer tilts the earth just enough to hit those plants with sunlight throughout the day. It starts with a little of the northern part of the rail lit at dawn, and by sundown it has hit the southernmost part. So all my shade plants were becoming toast.

The plan was to put the plants, which are in 9 18" flower boxes, onto racks on the shady side of the patio, and replace them with something to keep the cats from jumping the rail. They proved they can jump it when I first moved in, but they can't clear the 6" which the plants add.

First stop was Wal-Mart, which is where I thought I'd bought the flower pots in the first place. I needed the trays which go under them as a first step. Turns out W-M doesn't have them. Next stop, Orchard Supply. They only had the 23" ones. Finally hopped on over to Home Despot, and found what I was looking for. They had the trays, and they also had 36" wooden flower pots. I was thinking originally of cinderblock squares with fancy cut-outs, but all they had were solid ones which would blow over in a moderate wind. I got 4 flower pots and 4 standard red bricks to weight them down, and a hook to hang one lone fuchsia.

Got home, set everything up, and in about an hour it was all the way I had it in my warped little mind. Time to let the cats out to test the new arrangement.

They both completely ignored the rail - didn't even think of jumping. They both tried to eat the plants. Pumpkin has a taste for fuchsias. Domino is more a gourmet, she went for the salvia and sage (both are very aromatic).

That done, I packed them back indoors, and took myself to Starbuck's where I finished the last of Dark Tower book 6 over a Venti iced tea. There were the usual distractions. One table was occupied by two young women and a young man - all in their late teens. It posed an interesting question of what I am attracted to. The man was not my type - lanky, skinny and Russian. All three were Russian, actually. The women were the dilemma. One had startlingly clear light blue eyes and a perfect alabaster complexion. The other had a stunning figure, high cheekbones and lovely silken light brown hair. The one with the eyes looked a lot like Rosie O'Donnel in shape (especially her face) and hair style, while the one with the figure had the harsh jaded look of a woman who knows how hot she looks, and how to use it.

If I had to choose, which one would it be? I don't know. Probably the tall blonde 40-ish woman with the average figure sitting at the next table.

The Russians left, and were replaced by another dilemma. This one was the good kind - either woman would be fine with me. A college-aged black woman with very dark skin, bright eyes and a slight figure was being tutored in accounting by a 45-ish woman with black hair, blue-green eyes and a petite build. They both looked much more intelligent than the two Russian women appeared. It is probably not a fair judgment, since the former were there to play cards and gossip while the latter were there to study.

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Monday at 9am I should have a clue when I go to Iowa. They weren't ready last week, but maybe they will be by tomorrow. I would rather go this week than next.
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