June 29th, 2005


Blew Tooth

Got the bluetooth connection going on the PC. It just needed the phone turned off and back on again while the PC was looking for BT devices. And an update to Motorola's BT Tools app.

So now I have my phonebook from the old Sprint phone on my Motorola. I am a semi-happy camper. Only semi because the stupid Motorola software broke out every phone number and email address into a separate listing. It will take some spreadsheet magic to put everyone's home/work/cell/fax numbers and home/work email addresses into a single listing.


Also got my ring tones and ID pix across and they are working. This phone has more memory, so I'm going to make more ring tones. Right now all I have is the Monty Python theme (Sousa's Liberty Bell March) for callers not in my phonebook, Stars and Stripes Forever for callers who are, La Marseillaise aka the French National Anthem for alerts, and Egyházi Ének aka the Hungarian National Anthem for all other notifications.

I think I'll add special tones for anyone medical, special friends, people from work, and "service providers". Any suggestions? I figured Taps might be appropriate for the first one. The Stripper for the last one?