July 10th, 2005


Imaginary Conversation - Notes for my novel

"This is the part of the ride I like best", I said, turning my head to the side so she can hear.

She's pedaling to my left, just a little behind me. We're biking on the Baylands Park dike road between Mountain View and Palo Alto, pelicans and Great White Herons nestle in the marshes of lower San Francisco Bay to our right, the vast expanse of dark aquamarine water to our left is the Bay itself. Beyond it is Fremont, Milpitas and the hills behind them.

"Why is that?", she asks.

"Because the wind's at our backs, there's beauty all around us, and I'm using the second strongest muscle group in my body."

"Oh? What is the second strongest muscle group in your body?"

"My quads and calves."

"Then what's the strongest?"

"My mouth."
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London Family Follow-up

Cousins Brian & Viv in London sent email today saying they did get together with NYC cousin Eliot and his wife & daughter today, in time for the big VJ/VE Day parade. They sent pix. This one was taken by Viv:

Right to left: Brian, Eliot, Eliot's wife Fran and their daughter Jessica. Behind them is some clock which is always about 200 years slow.