August 30th, 2005


Stupid Work Foo

So this customer calls up and says they moved their equipment rack to another room, and now my company's servers don't play movies anymore. So they blame the software.

I had to spend an hour and a half online with them, playing movies from their server and showing them it's all working before they finally figured out that when you move a whole rack of equipment, and something stops working, it's probably not the software.


I was supposed to go to the midwest in 2 weeks and teach a class, maybe two. First they tell me they sold 30 seats to a total of 5 customers. I start putting together courseware to fit the clients. Then I get email inviting me to a meeting to discuss the syllabus for the class. This is from the people who came up with the "we need to have a class for these customers" idea. A week later they are just getting around to the concept that they don't know what they need to have taught. Then the admin tells me we haven't actually sold any seats because the marketing folks don't have it on the price list, so salesfolks can't sell it.

And they have not been able to fix on a location for the class, so it's being put off for a couple of weeks, maybe a month. And I'm probably not going to teach it (at least I made the suggestion to my boss that the clowns who are planning it should teach it).

Soaring with eagles is definitely out of the question where I work.
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