September 4th, 2005


Soreh Wah Tabura Des Ka?

Which is my lame transliteration for the first complete sentence I ever learned in Japanese: "where's the table?"

Eddie's Quilting Bee in Mountain View, a store otherwise remarkable for its depth of stock, had nothing even remotely resembling a part-time sewing table. The store is geared to the hard core seamsperson, quilter and machine-embroiderer, so while they had some industrial strength tables which looked like they could withstand a direct hit from a B-52 bombing run, there was nothing which would fold up and stow away.

The Danish Furniture store had nothing collapsible either. Office Despot had a little "personal folding table" which was about the right size, 20x30 I think, but the legs were too close together when it was raised to the height I wanted.

Finally found a hugely sturdy table with folding legs at Office Max for $40. 48"x24", a tad longer than I wanted, but nice hard plastic surface, sturdy legs, well-built and folds up in 10 seconds. I set it up in the computer room, and put the machine on top, and it is a good fit.

I wound up two bobbins, one white and one black. I am tempted to search for denim thread, but tried the black for starters and made an effort to hem a pair of jeans cut-offs. 10 seconds into it, the needle jammed. I had to unlatch the bobbin holder to free it. The bobbin thread was one giant mass on the under side of the jeans. Tried again, same result, only this time I also had to unlatch the mechanism which holds the bobbin holder. Time to RTFM again. I think I loaded the bobbin counter to whichever clockwise it needed to be in. And I have no idea how to re-mount the bobbin holder holder assembly.

Spent an hour by the pool, swam a bit, oiled up and got more brown. It was a lot nicer today as there were two bikini models in tiny tiny outfits, plus another very fine looking woman who was taking in the sun as her laundry was percolating.

But had to cut my drooling short to meet my long-time buddy Janice for coffee. I met her about 20 years ago when she replied to a ba.personals ad. We hit it off right away, but she decided to just be friends after our first date. And we have been. We go biking together any weekend when our schedules allow (this summer she's been traveling a lot, so we've only gone once so far). I've also been her practice scuba buddy a couple of times, and she took me on her gang's trip to Puerto Vallarta once. Among other things. We had not seen each other since her Fiji trip, so there was a lot to catch up on. More than 3 hours' worth.
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