September 14th, 2005


The Weird Dream Channel

I'm carrying my toolkit from when I did field repair work, but the time is the present. I put the toolkit down on a round outdoor table, I am outside the shop and have some paperwork to bring in, but first I unclip my cell phone from its holster, need ing to make a call or check a message or something. It comes apart in my hand. I start to put the pieces back together, remembering how this happened before and it was just a matter of sliding one piece into another and snapping them into place. But as I fit those pieces together, they crumble in my hand and I see the antenna and a chunk of the phone which it attached to has come off too. It's clear that the phone is toast, irreparable. I say some rude things about the quality of these phones. I start to cry. Then I remember that I just bought the phone protection plan from my cell phone company, and I wake up.

And I did just sign up for that online about 2 hours earlier.