September 20th, 2005


Getting Wet

Took my usual lunchtime bike ride to Shoreline Park, despite the low-flying dark clouds.Put on a jacket just in case. During lunch I watched lightning coming from Palo Alto, and it looked to be heading my way.

As I came back over the bridge over the creek, there was a Great Blue Heron on the marsh about 20 feet away, with a mouse in its beak. The mouse was still alive, and the heron was dipping it in the water, raising it back up, holding it there till it moved, and dipping it again. Lather, rinse, repeat. I was kicking myself that I had not brought my camera. Then there was lightning and a 5-miles-away thunderclap, so I got the heck off the highest point in the area and raced back to work. Got hit by huge rain drops, which sounded like pebbles bouncing off my helmet. But it was not dense enough to get me very wet.

As I write this, the thunder is louder and more frequent. Rare stuff for the SF Bay area. The bike is on its rack behind the car. I was going to wash it anyway.

There's a lecture in robotics down the block at NASA Ames tonight at 7, which I think I'll go to. Also have a 10% off coupon for the newly remodeled Safeway in Sunnyvale, which is the one second nearest my apartment, and is much biogger than the nearest one. I have enough on my shopping list to go there tonight, too.

Also want to got to REI in Saratoga to pick up water purification tablets for my trip, and see if they have a pair of Tevas which would work for tropical walking shoes. When I lived in Thailand I wore flip flops all the time, but it would be nice to have something with some arch support which only came off when I wanted them to. Looks like that needs to wait till Thursday.

Tomorrow is Perl class. I've had my assignment done for 2 weeks now, but didn't want to hand it in early. I don't want to set any expectations. Also need to tell the instructor about my trip one of these days, 'cause I'll miss three classes and won't be able to go online to do the work.
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