December 11th, 2005


Harry Potter..Gobbet of Fyre

Finally saw the latest Harry Potter movie. This one was the best so far, by far. Didn't even look at my watch till 90 minutes in. Didn't look at it again till the closing credits. Tightly edited, super special effects - right down to the closing credits - fine acting by a troupe which has grown together. It's so good to se a sequel which is better than the original. Even more so when it's 4th in a series.

This one reminded me what a huge risk the casting folks took when they chose the kids. As someone who has directed a few plays, I know it's relatively easy to recognize a fine actor in a crowded audition. And also not hard to match the actor's physicality to that of the character. But all that changes when you have to bet on a child growing into the adolescent.

My assessment so far:
Harry - At 14-15, it's too soon to tell, but it does not look like he is going to have the kind of look one would expect for a hero. Too short, too slim.
Hermione - She cleans up real good for a girl next door, but she's no Angelina Jolie.
Ron - He's already too tall. And unfortunately, he now looks like his given name, Rupert Grint. Poor lad.
Draco - He hasn't grown an inch, has he? Maybe next movie. We see way too little of him in this flick. I wonder why?
Fred & George - They're real life brothers, aren't they? Why are they not redheads this film?
Ginny - What a knock-out she has turned out to be! Odd, IMDB does not list her as being cast in Order of the Phoenix. Hmmm- I see they don't have much of a cast list for this 2007 flick.
Neville - He's turned into a rather handsome young man. Takes away from the character, methinks.

I don't like the way Gambon is playing Dumbledore. I blame the director - Gambon is a fine actor, and I think he's perfectly capable of playing the character the same way Harris did. The new Dumbledore is more temperamental, too temperamental, and not the softspoken man we saw in the first three movies. But this is in the book, as well. We are finding out he's a much more powerful individual than he appeared to be.
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