December 19th, 2005


Weird Dream Channel

I am bored at work, and decide I can justify a drive to a customer site. I tell the boss I'm going to Hitachi, hop into my car and drive to a building in Silicon Valley which I have been to in real life, but it isn't Hitachi. Also, in real life, hitachi is not one of my customers, I have never visited that company.

I go inside, and from the foyer I can see Ed and his boss in a meeting in the conference room just off the foyer. It's the conference room meant to be used for meetings with people from outside Hitachi who don't want/need security clearance, but this is obviously a staff meeting. About a dozen people are in there, but my dream view only shows me Ed and his boss. Ed is a very large, rotund man in a blue shirt with vertical stripes. The shirt is not quite large enough for it to stay buttoned while Ed is sitting down. Ed is holding a box of donuts - holding it out to the people at the table, and though most everyone take a donut, there are still half a dozen left in the box.

The meeting is soon over, Ed comes out into the foyer with the donut box (open) in one hand, and his Ed-sized coffee cup in the other. We sit down at a small round table in the foyer, and he offers me a donut, which I accept, and then accidentally spills his coffee all over the donut box and table. Ed grabs a handful of paper towels from somewhere and starts moving the coffee around, mostly re-locating it to the carpet. His boss says something to him, and both of them go away, leaving me to clean up the mess.

In real life, I know both Dream Ed and his Dream boss, but his name is not Ed, and his Dream boss works at a completely different company as someone else's boss.
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Thai Travelogue, Part V - Bangkok, Round 1

Photos for this section are online at this link

After celebrating Loi Krathong at its point of origin at the ancient capitol Sukhothai, it was off to Bangkok for my birthday on the 15th and the official Loi Krathong day on the 16th. One note about the ancient capitol is it has no river running through it. The new city does have a major river going through the heart of town. Kind of odd that the festival is all about water now, when it was all about lights in the sky 600 years ago.

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