December 24th, 2005


Thai Travelogue, Part VII - Phuket

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Warning: Many of the photos in this set may be offensive to those who have a problem with bare breasts on the beach. Let me re-phrase that. Many of these photos show women at the beach who are not wearing anything from the waist up, except maybe necklaces and hair ribbons. And not much below the waist, for that matter.

Sunday, November 20

On the 7:30 am government tour bus to Phuket, this is a true tour bus, featuring a stewardess who hands to each passenger a box of alleged breakfast, a bottle of water and a pair of wet wipes in a gaudy waterproof packet. The box contains a bean paste sandwich - two slices of white bread, with bright yellow sweet bean paste where one might expect peanut butter and jelly. It tastes awful. And there's also a bun which looks sort of like a moon cake, filled with a similarly over-sweet horrible bean paste. The box, on the other hand, is quite attractive and would be useful for wrapping a last-minute white elephant gift.
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