Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Garbage Day

As usual, my OCD kicked in and the plan was to do things in geographical order. Starting with getting  a haircut at Great Clips in Palo Alto because the one I prefer in Sunnyvale is in the opposite direction from the egret nesting area and the Satyrbucks I'll be meeting Janice at.

Had to park behind the store because there was some kind of canine event at the pet shop in that shopping center which had all kinds of idiots parking their hummers, jeeps and other Dog Transport Vehicles™ in fire lanes, aisles and the coffee drive-thru because they were too stupid to look in the back where there was ample parking.

It was a bit of a wait to get clipped, but there were extra people on duty, so not too bad. Now my hair is short enough for the doctor to see how bad the lump in the back of my head is. I can't tell.

Kind of roundabout trip to Shorebird way where the egrets nest. A woman about my age drove up as I was starting to look for birds, and she said two weeks ago things were really humming. I wish I'd gone then. Don't remember why I didn't. All that was left were nests with juveniles, old enough to fly away if they wanted to. Only saw maybe three sets of Mom & Pop birds, feeding the kids. And one set making out in an evergreen tree. One perk, the nearby parking lot has free (for Google people) car chargers.

I stuck around for more than an hour, when the diuretic kicked in. I have a badge that gets me into any Google office, but I didn't quite make it to the restroom halfway across the building in time.  Plenty of time, so I drove home and changed, watched some TV, played online, and went back to the nesting area for an evening view. Well worth it. In addition to egrets I saw a woodpecker, chickadee, peregrine falcon and crows.

Woodpecker, you're doing it wrong.

Mating dance 1

Mating Dance 2

Peregrine in search of lunch

The rest of the photos are here

In between shoots I had some turkey bologna slices, and a mango popsicle.

5-ish, on to Starbucks. Janice was early again, she's still not doing well. Chronic depression is no fun at all. She has a fear of being alone. Not good for someone who lives alone. She says she was like this when her parents were killed in a car crash, but I was the one who drove her and her brother to the airport, and I don't remember anything more than what one would expect under those circumstances.

Home, steak & rice for dinner, ice cream for dessert. Watched the Seahawks game until they gave it away (tie) at the buzzer. There has been way too much of that this pre-season for all my teams. The announcers never shut up. The play by play guy thought he was on radio, he called everything. I switched off the center speaker only to find them on L&R speakers as well. Grrr.

Finished the Match Game episode I started yesterday. Nuked the other Sunday Night Football game.

So on Tivo we're down to a couple of Penn & Tellers and a couple of To Tell The Truths. I should fire up Netflix. I'll have to give up my free account when I quit. Or when my contract expires, whichever comes first. I am hoping the former.

Took out the garbage. The regular garbage was full - I never wheeled it to the curb last week.

Plans for tomorrow:
work, such as it is
4 pm doctor appointment, leave at 3
Maybe watch MNF

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