Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Another shitty day in paradise

Up early, I thought I was on the road early, but it was 9:02 when I pulled into the parking lot at work. Traffic was very slow, even the commuter lane came to a complete halt a few times.

No word on the overdue update, so NP suggested I take one of her projects, an STB from Argentina which ironically had the logo of the company which laid me off last. It's also overdue for an update, it turns out, and after performing the required factory reset it wouldn't let me bypass the local login, which can only be acquired by using a PC located in Argentina. Maybe tomorrow there will be email with a login. Maybe. The device is managed out of our London office, go figure.

Had to dig for lunch, the usual edible salads had been replaced by "apple salad" and the PNB&J sandwiches appeared to be stale. Finally found a turkey & provolone in some kind of awful wrap, but at least it was sourdough.  I brought a sliced peach from home. Probably time to return to bringing my own lunch in a cooler. A huge complaint about Google's free food is it is randomly unappetizing.

As I was sitting reading and eating my sandwich, an entire team of Indian engineers decided to plop down at the table and hold a loud conversation. :-(

I started reading 3-peat Hugo novel winner N. K. Jemisin's first winning novel, The Fifth Season. I was determined to like it, but so far it is not wowing me. Part of the problem is it's not science fiction, it is more of an Ancient Gods fantasy story. Another part of the problem is her style is stilted, I think on purpose, to sound more like Greek mythology than modern storytelling. It's too soon to quit, but frankly I was enjoying the Andre Norton novels a lot, and interrupted that reading for this. And I have the Heinlein-Robinson novel on the back burner.

Read the news about the psycho Madden NFL gamer who shot up the contestants who were winning. Bizarre that one of the few popular games which does not feature weapons had this happen.

3 pm I escaped and went to the doctor, who was very patient with my laundry list of minor issues. In brief:
- the head wound is all in my head. There is no physical evidence on the outside
- my big toe is experiencing (expected) neuropathy and (bonus symptom) athlete's foot
- my sunburned cheeks are seriously burned, dermatology suggests sun block until summer is over and then something which will melt the scales off in an ugly and painful manner.
- Doc was puzzled by the Kardia ekg toy, too basic, but impressed that it puts out something resembling an ekg and analyzes it a little.

Home, thought about stopping off at a tea shop to get some flowering jasmine for me & a cousin, but opted for less traffic. Which turned out to not exist. 

Dinner was chicken & matzo balls, finished off the mango chunks for dessert. Watched PTI and an episode of To Tell The Truth. The MC is starting to get out of hand.

The 7-inch Huawei tablet is too small and too slow. Ordered an ASUS zen 8-inch. Hopefully it is lighter than the Samsung.

Plans for tomorrow:

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