Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Pizza Night

Took my time getting to work because I planned to stay late so the drive into downtown wouldn't be so bad.

Still stuck on the same STB at work - new Europe guy was no help at all, but after he'd gone home for the day local manager chimed in on the bug report that what I was stuck on was a show stopper. The deal is that most of the foreign set top boxes are geared to encourage you to subscribe to their own movie service, so they make it difficult to bypass that to get to Android apps, such as Netflix, YouTube, etc. One of the hard and fast rules of Android devices is they must allow the customer to go directly to the Android apps, usually by pressing the home key on the remote.

I'll probably find out tomorrow if there is a fix I can apply. Meanwhile there was another STB of the same brand which was working correctly - probably because I haven't done a factory reset on it yet. And it's a newer model.

So I watched some storm chasers on it. And this one white guy who live-streams his walks through Hong Kong.

Good thing I brought lunch, because we had the same sucky choices today. Beef teriyaki steamer. Also brought grapes and didn't cut up the peach until I was ready to eat it.

At about 4 I plugged the car in.

After 6, lots of traffic backed up on the way downtown, the first parking garage was full, although the sign outside advertised 48 free spaces. Next parking garage had plenty of spaces 3rd floor & up. It's above the CVS, and a few blocks from most of the restaurants.

Walked back to the tea shop, my reason for going downtown, but despite having hundreds of varieties of tea, she did not have flowering jasmine. She was pretty embarrassed about that, and suggested a brown flower which had some jasmine leaves, but it was ugly and not very tasty. There is another Asian shop on the corner which I suspect is really a front for drugs, because there is rarely anyone shopping there, and they had a couple of aisles of tea, but none of the flowering ones. Thought about having dinner downtown but it was so crowded.

Home, went online to order Round Table because they had slapped magnetic "we deliver" ads on our mailboxes, but nobody told the web site, so I had to phone to make sure they did deliver.

Ordered a pair of large pizzas, which arrived in the promised 45 minutes. Way more expensive than ordering in. Way more. Had three pieces for dinner, the rest are in sandwich bags in the fridge freezer, probably enough for 2 weeks of meals. Or more. And I need more sandwich bags soon.

Not as good as they used to be - RoundTable is now perforating the dough, looks like a cracker, it's not as thick. The toppings are still fine.

Delivered was a big box of dishwasher pods.

Watched PTI and part of a 48 Hours rerun. And at work I set the Tivo to record Bachelor in Paradise in which the guy who was dumped from the Bachelorette gets together with the bimbo who got him dumped. I'll be interested in seeing how that goes. If I was him I'd latch onto someone else and leave her flat. Which she isn't.

Spot continues to be a bully. Spook is not being as brave as she needs to be about that. Anyone want a gorgeous, affectionate alpha ex-male cat who could stand to lose weight?

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