Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Stayed way late, it didn't help

Got to work later than expected because that last exit was a mess again. 15 minutes to go less than a mile. Huge construction haulers cutting in, not realizing this is not the lane they want, then trying to escape.

Last night Spook was under the linen rack in the bedroom and Spot was staring at her from not quite the other side of the door. When I got up to pee at about 4 am, he was in my recliner and she was on the low cat tree. Woke up for real at 7:30 they were back in the bedroom.

The new Europe guy sent the login for the Argentinian STB, but before I got that far it did the promised over the air update.

Managed to do most of the smoke test, just the usual problems with tests which require a dedicated router. I gave NP my Netflix box, which is a router, because hers broke. But then she took it into the new lab, because there were finally tables in there. Messed up my testing. She also took my laptop, because it had software on it for android testing - tomorrow I'll take it back and make her install it on the other laptop of mine she has. Enough is enough.

The STB has serious issues, there is no way I would want a friend to buy one. Fortunately as far as I know I have no friends in Argentina.

4 pm, plugged the car in, after NP left for the day I took all my stuff one by one and installed it in the new lab. That'll be my office. NP seems to want to keep her desk out by Boss, and only do lab work in the lab. That's okay. Stupid, but okay.

Got everything moved by 7:30, thought traffic would be better (Eric Clapton, Cindy Lauper concert down the block) but it was horrible. Doors open at 6:30 but the concert doesn't start till 8.

Home, delivered was a small desk fan for work, and the ASUS tablet, which I won't mess with because almost as soon as I got home I discovered I had given away the spare router I was planning on setting up in the lab, so I drove to Fry's and got the cheapest dual band they had, $40. Not bad. Back home, pulled out my laptop, which was totally out of battery, plugged it in and set up the router the way I wanted it. Easy to remember IP,  SSIDs and passwords. I won't be sharing the login info.

Dinner was too much reheated frozen pizza and ice cream.

Watched PTI and also Bachelor in Paradise,  in which the guy who was sent home from The Bachelorette because one of her friends said she still "had feelings" for him is firmly coupled with that friend. She is a ditz, a southerner with an IQ measured in PSI, but she can do things with a hot dog which amused everyone. The stunt man who almost made the finals in The Bachelorette apparently got an attitude transplant, and not the good kind, and he bailed before they kicked him out. And then he came back and picked a fight and got kicked out.

All but one guy and one gal coupled up, and then they added two more women, one of them coupled up with the uncoupled guy and the other is trying to steal a guy who was in a solid relationship - and she's succeeding.

There's an episode of Below Deck Mediterranean and a sneak preview for the real Below Deck yet to watch.

Printed the rent check. Between the Nest malfunctioning and doubling my electric bill and the newly raised rent, it's a big bite.

Plans for tomorrow:
Try to get to work early
Finish moving
Get my laptop back
Install the router
Finish testing the STB
Drop off the rent check

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