February 6th, 2006



There are no video capture cards which work on the 64-bit version of Windows XP. And no good virus software either. And I would have to buy a new scanner. My blood pressure meter software works, but the USB cable drivers for it don't. And my modem is not recognized.

Which means I am going to be wiping out my x64 installation tonight and putting 32-bit XP on the new PC. What a waste. Apparently there is no advantage to using the 64-bit OS with a 64-bit CPU.
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Superbowl Musings

I'm from Seattle. I was happy just to see the most beautiful NFL logo finally make an appearance at a Superbowl. Both teams had fought hard to be there, and for the first time in years both teams deserved to be there.

I am disappointed the Seahawks did not win, but I am more disappointed with two reasons beyond their control which contributed to the loss:

1. Unfair ticket distribution.
It was obvious from the start of the pre-game festivities that the stadium was packed with Steelers fans. This was not the balanced audience which the NFL promises. Seattle fans are the loudest on the planet, they would have rocked that place had they been allowed in.

2. Bad calls by the officials at crucial moments, only against Seattle.
The touchdown which wasn't. The holding which didn't happen which called back a pass from the red zone.

The Hawks still might have lost, but it would have been a close game, with a much more exciting ending.
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Had a nice Saturday, at least

Went to Santa Cruz in the afternoon for my cousin Renee's birthday party. She has the most beautiful eyes. My mom says they look exactly like my great-grandfather's. Which is how we are related - her mother and my maternal grandmother shared the same surname.

Renee's late great father, who once played drums with The Bird, was a die-hard Celtics fan, and Renee inherited that, so the party was at an amazing place on Front Street called Club Caution which has a beautiful projector pointing at a huge screen on the wall, and it was tuned to the Boston-Orlando game. She's such a regular there, they even had the Celtics logo on her birthday placard. Unfortunately, Boston lost. Also unfortunately, most of Renee's musical friends flaked, the folks who showed up were mostly people from her kick-bo class and marathon run training group. I don't know how she does that stuff- Renee looks about as much like a marathon runner as I do. I gave her a 5.7 carat midnight blue star sapphire, which turns out to be her favorite gem, so she was very happy and showed it to everyone.

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Also to go behind a cut will be a photo or two of Domino and Pumpkin lounging under their new patio canopy. I am jazzed because all I'd meant to do was give them a dry strip of patio where they could watch the world through the gap under the wall, but the canopy has effectively kept all the rain off, as well as all the considerable sequoia tree droppings (those giant redwoods seem to shed seed pods with branches attached all year long).
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And What About Naomi?

Someone on alt_models named Naomi spells her name backwards as her handle. All these years I can't believe it never occurred to me that Naomi speed backwards is "I Moan".

But I did know what "stressed" spelled backwards is.
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