February 14th, 2006


More Wondercon Photos, Cat Canopy and Renee's Birthday Party

Finally got the new PC up and running enough to post these on my web site.

From Feb. 4 - photos of the canopy I built for the cats out on the patio, which I had to take down Sunday because they're painting the apartment complex today.
At this link,
And a couple of pix of cousin Renee's 34th birthday bash in Santa Cruz

And hidden here, From Saturday, Wondercon pix including:
Kevin Smith (aka Silent Bob), Noel Neill (the original Lois Lane), the Serenity group at Masquerade, and assorted eye candy

Someone to Watch Over My Butt

This is for leatherapron, but anyone who knows, feel free to chime in:

Two of my favorite Gershwin tunes are But Not For Me and Someone To Watch Over Me. Judy Garland sang the first one in Meet Me in St. Louis and I know the other one from the musical Oh Kay! and Frank Sinatra albums. I would love to have a recording of Judy singing both of them, but have been unable to find Someone in a cursory search - did she ever record that number?