March 21st, 2006

Both Ends + Middle

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Edited: backdated to when I actually wrote this...

Listening to a Moxy Früvous CD (thanks for the pointer, Edith) because the work move did not go as smoothly as it first appeared, after all. Apparently some switches and such were left at the old place, and a small contingent of IT folks are off to get those. Meanwhile our internet connection is down. Interesting music. The engineering sounds a lot like the first Apple Records stereo recordings, very definite left/right separation. Chad Mitchell meets Sgt. Pepper. The New Christie Minstrels ride the Yellow Submarine.

Pulled up Yahoo Maps for the new work site, and had it display eateries. All we have in walking distance is Subway and Java Sushi. The thought of caffeinated sashimi went away when I noticed it was on a street called Java. So I went to Sunnyvale Town & Country and am glad I did. A new place called Turmeric has opened, and they had a banner advertising a buffet. $11, a little steep for a buffet, but after $20 lunches on the Oregon Coast, I figured what the heck. A petite woman in very tight jeans led me upstairs to the buffet room, where I was surprised by nice decor, and an Indian buffet. With a spice like Turmeric, I expected Mediterranean. It was worth the $11. This was after 1:00, when most Mountain View buffets are down to the dregs, but these folks were fully stocked. Super lamb, chicken and veggie curry dishes, a cute mashed potato ball thingie, roast veggies, chickpea something or other, Tandoori chicken, spring salad, and excellent nan. For dessert I was disappointed that they didn't have the rice pudding, but their honey-soaked flour balls were huge and delicious. South Park's Chef would be proud.

The service was a little too fast for my taste - the second I was done with a plate there was someone there to take it away. My table was cleared and swabbed before I had my jacket on.

This is the best Indian buffet I've ever been to. Highly recommended. It's on Murphy about 1/3 of the way from Washington to Evelyn.

Domino has been acting strangely lately, but in a good way. After years of ducking every time I try to pet her, she has taken to jumping up on the bed, curling up by my head and purring loudly. She not only lets me pet her, but when I stop she licks my arm, which seems to mean "more, more".

Meanwhile, Pumpkin has taken to head-butting my hand when he wants to be petted. If I stop before he has had enough, he raises his paw and takes a no-claws swipe at my hand.

Weird Load

Weird Dream Channel

I was online at a Peace Corps alumni web site - got there from an emailed link telling me there was a database with bios of all the former volunteers, and I should check mine out.

The link took me to a page with my Peace-Corps era photo on it, but the caption said Dr. David Kassman. I could only make out the first line of the bio, which said "Dr. Kassman dropped out of high school at the age of 14 to join the Peace Corps"
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