June 16th, 2006


End of Day wrapup

It was so warm after work I rode the bike all the way home. I was a little late getting out of work, showing the programming lead on the latest pre-release product some minor bugs, and light rail was on its 20-minute schedule, so I actually made it home before the train did. I pushed pretty hard, stayed in the highest gear most of the way, maybe 11-12mph average. Between that ride and lunch I put about 10.5 miles on the bike today.

After a cool down out on the patio with the cats, I took off for Piazzi's market, in search of Scharffen-Berger 82% and various other luxury food items. They have a great olive bar, more kinds of cheese than anywhere else I know of (some they make themselves) and once in a while bargains in produce. Sometimes the bargain is in the price, sometimes in the quality. So I came away with 10 S-B bars, two kinds of olives, huge Fuji apples, bananas, 2 lbs of unsalted roasted almonds (at the same price as Safeway's raw almonds), a pot of mascarpone cheese (recommended by several people at the Armenian dinner), and on impulse (just to be contrary, edith_mf), picked up from the pre-made meals section a plate of falafel with tahini for tonight's dinner. Also got what I thought was a a frozen miniature challah which I was planning on giving to our token Israeli tomorrow for Sabbath, but when I got it home and read the label, it is actually just the dough woven into the challah shape, and needs to be baked. It's in the freezer for Some Other Time.

From there I went to Starbuck's, did some stuff on the laptop, tried to get the bluetooth mike/earpiece thingie to work with Skype, but it just didn't hack it. Horrible sound quality, way off-frequency too. I'm also supposed to be able to use the cell phone as a bluetooth mike/speaker, but couldn't figure out how to make that work after pairing it with the laptop. Skype didn't recognize it.

There was major eye candy, but as usual the laptop stole most of my line of vision.

In other news, I've gotten one step closer to my trip, arranged for someone to look in on the cats while I'm gone. It's the vet tech at my vet's office. The woman who did this for me while I was in Thailand has left the area (she had been a vet assistant at the same place) and recommended Patty M.. Looking at her write-up on the vet's web site, I suspect farmount may have worked with her in a past life. 

And the bride-to be is giving me English lessons. Today I learned her parents will be "dead chuffed" that I'll be staying longer than originally planned, and a couple of days ago she said the after-wedding champagne-influenced karaoke session will be "wonking". I am not sure, but suspect this is not related to "wanking".

It's tomorrow, so happy birthday to unseelie23!
Weird Load

Weird Dream Channel

I'm on a plane going from the mainland to an island. It's a bright sunny day, the seat I am in is one of those "window" seats where the window is two feet forward of the seat. I'm alseep until I feel the plane making its sharp descent to the island's short runway. My camera is in my hand. I see from the window a great shot of the mainland city across the water. I lean forward so I can shoot out the window, but things are going by a little too fast. I try to focus, but nothing happens. Maybe the lens cap is on? I feel at the front of the lens with my hand, but there's no lens cap. Of course not, this is an SLR camera, if the lens cap was on I would see black instead of the scene in the viewfinder. And besides, things are in focus, I just have to pan the camera because we're moving. Sleep has addled my brain. So I line up the shot, pan, and just as I'm about to snap the photo

my automatic timer turns the bedroom light on, my radio alarm goes off and the dream goes poof!

I have no idea what island or city this was.
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Golf on TV -WTF?

At work I'm set up to watch the World Cup on whatever channel it's on. They rotate between ESPN, ESPN2 & ABC. I'm the keeper of the video server for this. It's between matches, and they are showing a golf match.

Yesterday after the Sweden - Y&Y game was over, the Togo's bartender switched the big screen to golf. WTF? Is there anything more boring to watch on TV than golf?

Actually there is. Dominoes. Yes, ESPN2 after the World cup was over each day at 1:30 or so, was broadcasting the world domino championships. I guess they think that if they follow soccer with something else exciting, our brains will explode.
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Outpouring of Love For The King

This is from a friend and former Peace Corps Volunteer who has retired to Thailand. What is described here is spontaneous. After 60 years of doing good, the Thai people truly love their king. By contrast, think about how Bush has to pack his town hall sessions with his small minority of lobotomized lemmings.

I'll hide most of this behind a cut, because it's long. I need to get me one of them yellow t-shirts.

Dear Friends,
I thought you might enjoy this article from The Nation regarding the King of Thailand and the Thai people's reverence for him:
Portrait of most beloved King

National commemoration of His Majesty's 60th year on the throne offers the world the clear impression that he is the most loved monarch of modern times

The festive mood of the Thais has not yet subsided even as most of the royal guests for the stunning celebration of His Majesty the King's 60 years on the throne began to fly home yesterday.

Indeed, the jubilee celebration, which went on between June 8 and June 13, has proved to have had an enormous impact on the Thai people. It has created a long-lasting spiritual bond between them and their Monarch in a way that people from other cultures may find hard to understand.

The Thais love and revere their King deeply for reasons beyond a simple explanation; and it seems that they can't have enough of him. But if one is to venture to explain why the King is so popular among his people, then it is safe to assert that it is because the King has practised the highest virtue in accordance with Buddhist ideology during the 60 years of his reign.
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