June 21st, 2006


World Cup Madness in Thailand & Cambodia

Where the Buddhist monks are staying up late to watch the games. http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20060621/od_nm/thailand_monks_dc_1

What the article fails to mention is in Thai Buddhism, being a monk is not usually a life-long vocation. Young men join the monkhood for a few months before they get married, or as a temporary retreat. Older men may retire there. Middle-aged men may use it as a vacation from wife & kids.

It's hot out there

Took a picnic lunch to work, and rode out to Baylands Park via the middle distance route. None of their small picnic tables have any shade, and it must have been about 90° without the sun. Took out the string cheese to warm it up a bit, it was melted by the time I was halfway through my turkey leg. Next time I think I'll park myself in the grove under the trees, and do without the table. Which means not being able to read while I munch (I have a book stand which sets on the table).

Will be driving to work tomorrow, lunch will be with an ex-co-worker and dinner will be in SJ then going to see Lyric Theater's production of Naughty Marietta at the Montgomery theater.

Random snippets

Paul McCartney turned 64 on Sunday. Do we still need him? Will we still feed him?

Dave Ross, on this morning's Osgood Files, quipped:
Canada: a country so square, even the female impersonators are women.

My sister emailed me that now I am a great-uncle for the 10th time. Eldest nephew's wife popped out a 3.6 kilo boy this morning, somewhere in Israel. Two more nieces are due this summer. Sister's birthday is tomorrow.

Today in history: In 2004, the SpaceShipOne rocket plane punched through Earth's atmosphere, then glided to a landing in California's Mojave Desert in the first privately financed manned spaceflight. And nobody has heard anything from them ever since...

And a happy birthday to Britain's Prince William, who is incorrectly described by Today in History as Prince William of Wales. It's his pop who's Prince of Wales, Harry and William are princes without portfolio.
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I suppose I should make a Julia Child icon or something like it. Tonight's project is a crock. I remembered the two lamb shanks in the freezer, and the fact that I was out of all the other ingredients I wanted to toss into a cock pot with them. Made  a surgical strike at Safeway, got the assorted veggies, brought them home, cut them up, and tossed them in the crock. Did not have room for the mushrooms, celery or zucchini, but the other stuff should boil down enough so I can add at least the mushrooms in the morning.
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