June 30th, 2006


RIP Shel

IT guy's dog Shel passed away in her sleep at 4 this morning.

Today there is another black lab under his desk, which I took to be Shel until she started wagging her tail hard enough to cause a 3.6 quake, and pawed at my hand to get petted. This is Shel's daughter Rhona.

Fun with electrons

My apartment is rigged for wireless remote switching of lights. It's not such a big project, I only have 4 lamps. I like to be able to turn off lights from anywhere in the apartment, but more importantly my bedroom light is part of my alarm clock, it needs to come on at wakie-wakie time. That way I'm awake enough to turn off the clock radio and the TV (which has a built-in wake-up timer).
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