July 14th, 2006


Can't sleep. Printing new calling cards.

Lots going on in my head, many transitions in the next few days and weeks. Pumpkin and Domino are oblivious - Dom is curled up on the bedroom floor half across the base of a scratching post and Big Orange Furball deserted me entirely until about 2 am, when he curled up next to me with his tail flicking against my face.

Nikon has announced a new improved digital SLR the D-200, 10 MP 5 frames per second. Only $1700 list, for just the body. They also have a lovely 18-200mm DX lens, which is a reasonable $750, but nobody seems to have it in stock. Would have liked that for England, but probably won't be available in time.

Went to a Podcasters' Meetup at Mission College Yahoo, they had a good crowd, lots of interesting conversations but no presentation to focus on. Two sites which you might find amusing:

JJ Webb's Cafe Blue

This will probably be my last time going - these folks are trying to make a living from podcasting (producing audio and video feeds for the iPod and home computers). They are mostly amateurs at audio/video production, and see a market rather than know what they are doing. I am just doing it for fun, and havenb't put any serious time into my feeds. And may never.

Printing's done. Just applied the acrylic spray. Time to try sleeping. 


Considering my Options

One of the things I did not do during my 2 years at Kasenna was exercise my stock options. Almost half of the 70,000 shares at a miniscule price have vested, and I have 90 days to send them a check. I'm thinking about it, along the lines of "how much money can I afford to lose?" If I bought the whole lot it would be about equal to a week's take-home pay. Less than a month's rent. More than a good 18-200mm Nikon digital zoom lens, less than the new Nikon D-200 camera.

"How many nacho chips?", I jear edith_mf ask. I don't know. I don't buy nacho chips. But we're talking lunch money for about 3 months or so.

The reason I'm even doing the numbers is today one major company announced it is buying one of Kasenna's competitors, and two other major companies are bidding for two other competitors. Kasenna's new CEO was obviously put on board to get the company sold. As an ex-employee, I have no insider information. As a technical staff employee I probably wouldn't have either, but it would have been harder to prove that to the SCC. If I buy stock now, before there is any hard data, and Kasenna is bought, my piddling investment could blossom into something worthwhile. On the other hand, after 7 years of ventur funding, the stock is probably very diluted, and maybe I wouldn't even get back my few cents per share. I'll have to cogitate some more.
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