July 24th, 2006


Work Squee

I am finally legal. Got my badge at lunchtime, and had a pretty productive day actually learning how to run one of the tests, and checking results across several servers. It's a more complex product than the one I'd been working with, but chalk that up to the relative lack of power of PC servers compared to Unix boxes. More servers are required to do the same work. On the other hand, it's all Windows interface stuff, much much easier to deal with across machines than command line. And I managed to break both the product and the test tool in my first 2 hours of using them.

Much more to learn, but it is wonderful after a week of red tape BS to finally get to do what I went there for.

The only down side is I have a cold, and was kind of dragging. Good thing I brought extra DayQuil with me, and they had chicken noodle soup at the cafeteria. Unfortunately, all the teas they have in the break room are decaf, except for the two I don't like. Earl Grey and Black. I've never liked Earl Grey tea, and I blame its current popularity not on its taste, but on that of Jean-Luc Picard.
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Sun Day Rap Up & Clerks 2 Review

103° in the shade, and no shade. I headed for the movies, but was too late to catch the first showing of Clerks II, so I did some shopping and air conditioned atmosperic testing at MicroCenter. Then went to Starbucks, and sat outside and sipped on an iced tea, watching much scantily-clad eye candy walk by. Pretty similar to Thailand, except without the 90% humidity. Yes, they do have palm trees at that location.

Clerks II. What can I say? Well, for starters, it was filthy enough for two couples to stomp out (not walk out, but stomp loudly) at roughly the 5- and 10-minute marks. Good thing, because they missed the truly disgusting bits.

But first, the technicals. Cinematography was superb. This surprised me, considering the previous Kevin Smith productions. Audio editing was also quite good, there were only a couple of places I would have liked to have a "what did she say?" button on the remote. Film editing was mostly good, a little abrupt in places, but much of that was probably needed to spare them an X rating. Costumes and makeup were so good you don't even notice them. Excellent sets and set decoration. I would almost give them an oscar for the first 90 seconds, which was so well done that I almost snorted out an entire over-priced container of diet cola. Not really, but I did spill some of my popcorn.

For the most part, this movie is great. The original four leading characters resume their roles, Kevin Smith's wife is cast as the controlling blonde betrothed (for reasons which escape everyone) to the head clerk. Rosario Dawson plays the sexy manager of the faux McDonald's at which the  clerks have found employment. The plot is about as transparent as cellophane, though said piece of plastic wrap has some serious holes burned into it. For example, the scene with the donkey runs way longer than it needs to, and leaves a bit less to the imagination than it should have. And they could have got by just fine with fewer references to a particularly graphic sexual (mal)practice. On the other hand, Jay's imitation of Venus on the Half-Shell Venus Rising is almost worth the price of admission.

If you see it, do not leave until the end of the credits! Sit through the whole boring closing musical number, it's worth the wait. And after the stuff that's worth the wait is some educational material: they list everyone's handle on myspace.com who had visited their blog. Seven columns of tiny names, scrolling by fairly quickly, for what seemed like a full five minutes.

If you're a fan of Jay & Silent Bob, this is a must-see. If you pride yourself on your Good Taste™, stay away.