November 9th, 2006


More Politics

I am ecstatic that Cindy Chavez will not be mayor of San Jose. A large part of this is because in a non-partisan race she was heavily endorsed by the local Democratic party, including personal campaigning by some nationally known Demo personalities who had no right to a voice in this election, such as Bill Clinton and Gavin Newsom.

Chavez was vice mayor and fully responsible for the same closed-door policies which got mayor Ron Gonzales into trouble. She had ample opportunity to blow the whistle on the back room deals, but instead stayed silent, and who knows, maybe she benefited financially as did the mayor. Now that she is out of office, it would be appropriate for the city attorney to investigate. Heck, it would have been appropriate while she was still in office.

I don't know much about incoming mayor Chuck Reed, except he was not part of that cabal. And he won by a decisive 60%, despite being an Anglo running against a Hispanic in a heavily Hispanic city. And Chavez out-spending him by at least 2:1. I wish him luck. San Jose is at the brink of Becoming, and its leadership in the next few years will be the key.
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Outlook for the Future

For as long as it has been available, I have been using Eudora as my personal email program. Qulacomm, makers of that fine product, have announced they are phasing out Eudora as of the current 7.1 release. It's a pity on two fronts. One is just historical - Eudora was the first Windows-based email application which actually worked, and there has always been a free version. I've paid for the non-sponsored version, but it's nice to know I could always download and use the free one.

The second reason is there are still things they need to fix. For instance, they never got around to merging in a calendar. My biggest gripe about Eudora is when someone sends me a reminder or meeting announcement, I have to cut and paste to a different app (usually Yahoo Calendar). And while their junk filter is getting better, I still find myself in the junk folder every morning plucking out important email.

I hate to say this, but MS Outlook is going to become my email software. They have fixed the show-stoppers. Used to be if you had an Exchange server account, POP mail was either disabled or just didn't work. That's been fixed, and now I can put all my POP mail accounts into Outlook. I've got a pile - Earthlink (both mine and my parents'), gmail, comcast and four on Work email is usually an Exchange account.

Also, Outlook is the email program of choice for all the PDA-to-PC and cell phone-to-PC apps. And Yahoo-to-PC-to-phone, now that I think of it.

Should I wait till Office 2007 is out? Nah, easier to upgrade. Especially since I'll probably be working at MS then.

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