November 10th, 2006

Weird Load

You'll Never Be As Old As Me

Something for cinchntouch to keep in mind on this, his (mumble mumble)th birthday.

Despite all odds, you have not been kicked off the island. I'm looking forward to another season of Survivor, Somewhere on Uranus.

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Top 'o' The Mornin'

Made the change from Eudora to Outlook last night. Well, more like 1 o'clock this morning. It took three tries to import the email folders, but it turned out to be a Eudora issue - the last update nuked some important dll's and misdirected the registry as to where my email resided on the hard drive.

All the email accounts imported correctly, with the caveat that Eudora's method of storing the user names and pop server names is incorrect. They prefix the pop server with username@ and drop the from the username when the service requires the whole email address as username (my personal server, earthlink and gmail all need this).

The only thing Outlook got wrong is it didn't bring across the non-standard or secure port numbers from eathlink and gmail.

So Outlook is now up and running, and before I went to work I created some rules to nuke spam. The latest fads are:
- To have a subject line saying something about a failed credit report, mentioning credit reporting agencies by name
- putting my full name in the subject line
- making the subject "hi <username> :)"

I am pleased with the junk mail filter, it didn't tag anything not-junk.

The computer is set to power up automatically at 7 am. This morning there was an error message saying my RAID array was running in degraded mode, and the RAID tool showed a drive missing. This has been happening to me intermittently since I replaced all the SATA drive data cables. Shutdown/restart brought back the missing drive, but not the array. So I had to leave the machine on to let it rebuild the data on that drive. You would think Intel's RAID software would be smart enough to recognize a functional member of the array being plugged back in. Tonight I'll do a Fry's run and get better cables. They are Western Digital drives, and can take the "sure-connect" cables, which I did not get the last time because they cost $5 more per.

More move stuff - I now have three boxes of kitchen gear and two boxes of computer stuff parked by the front door, and will bring that to Goodwill in the morning. Someone is coming to look at the aquarium at about 9 am, hopefully he'll take the tank with him.

I measured the livingroom to see exactly how much more space I have now compared to the new place. I almost plotzed. Current LR is 22'x12'. New one is 14'x12'. No wonder it was a challenge on the floor plan software to fit everything in. It is now obvious to me that the exercycle will wind up in the dining room, and maybe the sofa bed as well.

Yesterday at lunch I stopped in at Pet Club and took a look at patio cat doors. $160 is a little pricey, and the ones they have require some drilling of holes in the existing door, which I don't want to do. Will look online and see if there is a true snap-in type. Also made name tags for Domino and Pumpkin, and when I got home I put them on the collars. Collars will go on the cats Real Soon Now. They have not needed collars for the last 2 years.

This morning I dumped out all the contents of my linen closet, because I know there are blankets, sheets and towels I never use which can go to Goodwill. Strange but true, I also found:
  • high-GHz cordless phone
  • 900Hz cordless phone/answering machine
  • Generic toilet seat cover
  • 15" LCD computer monitor

Weekend plans:
Tonight: Fry's for cables, then if I have time and am not asleep on my feet, try to catch the show at Dragon Productions. Or not. I'm not real keen on 2-person shows. Maybe I'll hit Santa Clara Players instead. Closer to work/Fry's and more eye candy potential.

Saturday: show aquarium, then drive to Morgan Hill for the Poppy Jasper film festival. I figure any film fest which includes johnnyeponymous's 4 minutes of fame should have other fun stuff as well. And judging from the film lengths in the program, even my short attention span won't be taxed. I plan to tell everyone there from out of town that I'm a personal friend and former lover of Poppy's. "Poppy Jasper got my rocks off".

Sunday I'll hop Caltrain and go wok shopping in Chinatown, and then meet Friends of Thailand prez Carolyn for a late meal, hooking up at the China gate at the base of Grant Ave. I told her to just look for the "farang". That's a Thai word meaning 'a foreigner of European descent'. It's a rough transliteration of "francaise" which what the first (Jesuit) white visitors to Siam were.


LJ Madness

So I follow a friend's post to friend of friend, and on that page is a pointer to a Craig's List item I am interested in. 404 error when I link. I go back to LJ, look again. Friend of friend's last posting was in June. The one before that was Christmas.

I don't get it. Why post at all?
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Impeach Bush

My new job has me testing a box which records TV programs off the air. The last test was to schedule two recordings in a row on different channels, and make sure the box tunes to the new channel at the right time.

So I'm watching closely as some National Geographic program on African tribes is ending, and *pop* the tuner changes to MSNBC. "Decision 2006, Battleground America". The text in box down near the bottom of the screen says "Can the Democrats resist impeaching Bush?"

I'm hoping the answer is "no".

So the question I think needs to be answered is:

Which sucks more: The war in Iraq or Monica?

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