December 3rd, 2006



Did not make as much of a dent in the moving stuff as I'd planned, but did more reorganization than expected. Moved the boxes of T-shirts out of the big closet in the bedroom, and shifted a lot of storage tubs off the patio and into that crawl-in closet. Most of that stuff had come from the office closet in the previous apartment, and should have been taken by the movers up to this similar closet, but they decided to be sloppy and dump a lot of things into the patio (the patio wall is low enough to hand stuff over without going through the front door). While I was out there I swept up the spilled potting soil (I had bumped a large pot containing an aloe plant, and though I had re-potted the plant, I had not cleaned up because there was no room). And watered the aloe plants. Those suckers can survive anything, I think.

Went to Target and bought three sets of wire cubes, and set up two of them in the bedroom, and loaded the T-shirt collection onto them with room to spare. I suppose I ought to return the unopened set of cubes, but I kinda like them, may use them for something else in the future. Collapse )

Mounted a set of 3 coat hooks under the white board by the door, since there was no place to hang my coat (the downstairs closet is at the back of the livingroom, go figure). Also installed a hook in the ceiling above the patio doors and hung a stained glass ornament from it. Need to get some epoxy - the ornament broke in transit (my bad). Shifted my entire computer setup about a foot and a half to the right, so I have enough clearance to actually get to the CD racks and bookshelves against the left wall. It looked better on paper. I would have liked to shift everything another 2 feet, against the right wall, but that's the side where the balcony door opens, and it would have blocked the cat door. Need to be able to haul kitty litter through that gap. Also shifted everything a foot further from the balcony wall, for similar reasons.

Finally got the box of piano top stuff off the kitchen counter and put things back on the piano. Family photos, a small souvenir UB Networks clock, Microsoft "Ship It" award and Windows Media bauble. Dragon Theater monster notepad. Wind chime (which will probably go out to the patio eventually). A tiny basket woven by my basket case middle sister and a llama wool crocheted tiny bear from baby sister. And a Romanian pan flute - very big and only stands up upside-down. And a couple of feather dusters.

Spent about an hour and a half at Starbucks with friend Janice, talked to Mom & Dad, watched the Seahawks squeak by the Broncos, and invented a new modest-calorie dessert:
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