December 7th, 2006


LOTR Marathon

This came in on the BASFA mailing list, and I thought many of my LJ non-BASFA friends would be interested:

As some of you know, a couple of years ago, Kathy Mar and I organized a marathon viewing of all three extended versions of the LOTR films at the Essanay Museum Theater (where Charlie Chaplin viewed dailies).  We kind of thought that it would be fun to do it again, but the primary financial backers of that event (Dean Dierschow and, to a lesser extent, myself) are not in a position to put up the money this time.  So let me ask the list:  How many of you are interested in this butt-taxing experience, and how many of you would put up, say, $10-$20 spec money to see that it can go through?  Please reply to me personally, so as not to clutter up the list:

jimpartridge at comcast dot net (insert appropriate punctuation for email)


Amazon Grace

</font></u>Just spent a few bucks on two things which have been on my notepad for ages. Ordered Shawn Colvin's "greatest hits" type album and her latest.

And from I put in an order for the first Torchwood 2-DVD set, due out Boxing Day. Another 5p and they would have shipped it to me for free, had I a UK mailing address.