December 8th, 2006


All over the maps

Tonight after dinner the plan was to tackle the job of re-stocking the bookcases from the pile of boxes which are mostly parked in the bedroom. Being somewhat AR and somewhat safety conscious, I figured to start with the stuff which goes on the bottom shelf. That would be the maps and tour books.

I found the box relatively close to the top of the stack, and hauled it into the office and started to unload it. Which is when I remembered that the first thing I had planned to do before I moved was put them in some sort of order and weed out the useless old maps and the many duplicates.

That was an hour ago.

Now my bed is a map showroom. I have separated the maps out roughly by geographical location. USA and regional maps are in a corner, maps from other countries are the top row (which was a wee bit confusing because I have maps from visiting friends in London, Ontario and also family in London, England, and I have Canada and the UK side by side).

Quite a revelation. I have maps from all kinds of places I forgot I'd even been to. And I have way too many maps of Florida and New York considering I've only been to NY once in the past 15 years, and FL three times. There are about half a dozen Washington/Oregon state maps, which isn't too surprising, but what is surprising are the number of tourist and rental car maps of Seattle, since I lived there almost half of my life, and am far from being a tourista there.

Next step is to weed out the duplicates. Then put them in some sort of order. I think I'll stack the state-wide maps in a single pile, and do the local maps by region. I think I am typing this because I'm still procrastinating.

To work!
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