December 16th, 2006


Midnight, not a sound from the pavement

Busy day at work again. Learned yet another thing to do to manage encoders, taught by a co-worker who is both technically excellent and personable.

Bought a VHS head cleaner at Best Buy, ran it through the VCR 4 times, still have a major 60Hz buzz from the Naughty Marietta tape. Everything is well grounded, so it must be the original recording. Too intermittent to be a defective tape. May be able to split the audio, run it through Goldwave's hum filter and tack it back in place. I hate doing that - too much risk of losing sync. But Jeanette MacDonald has such a beautiful voice, I hate to hear it buzzed out.

Went for a massage, new place in Mountain View. Inept. Won't go there again.

Had dinner at Sizzler. I love their salad bar.

Home, fed the cats a treat - canned food, salmon flavored (the only flavor they will both vacuum up). They sure yell loud when I break open the can.

Took the T-shirts out of the new wire cube rack, moved the rack to a more accessible place in the bedroom, and added another column of cubes. And moved the tower of clothes drawers as well, so now everything is where I want it in the bedroom (okay, I could still use an attractive and willing woman, but that's another journal entry).

Chatted with Marilyn, she has the movers booked for Christmas weekend. I'll bring her my empty boxes tomorrow while she sails her garage.

Spent some quality time last night with a mug full of acetone, and got most of the bad silk wrap off. One more finger needs soaking. Tomorrow will try a different salon, and see if they know about resin bonded silk wrap. I'm tempted to just get some fiberglass mesh and epoxy from TAP plastics and try to do it myself, but I don't have the tools or skill to do the finishing/buffing.

Hope to visit with scendan Sunday morning. Have been carrying around a bag of goodies in the trunk of my car for ages.

Found out I have the 25th and 26th off.

And direct deposit made it - my first 2 weeks' pay is in the bank.
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More Exercise than planned

Slept late, didn't want to get up with Pumpkin curled up against me. Loaded up the car with moving boxes, then headed to Marilyn's by way of the nail place. Style 'n' Go advertises they do silk wrap, and when I got there they had me take a seat at one of the stations, but after 15 minutes it was clear their nails person was goinna be busy a long time, so the lead person suggested I would do better going to Noble Bail on the other side of the shopping center.

So I did. This is the kind of place I have been looking for. The nice lady looked at my hands and said the reason the wraps had not been working is my nails are too short, they need something to wrap around. But they gave me a manicure and filled and wrapped the one split nail for a bargain price.

On to Marilyn's where a couple fo SC Players were there helping her garage sale. She said she sold a lot of stuff, but there was a lot more left, and none of the furniture sold. Another of my Play On! cast showed up, and we stayed till there was a sudden wind and drop in temps, and I helped fold everything up and load up Marilyn's car for Goodwill, which is about 4 blocks away.

I took off for home, then went to OSH for picture hanging hardware and downtown for some half-price 2007 calendars. Ate dinner at King of Krung Siam, which just re-opened after a fire which demolished the kitchens. I don't think the food is as good as A marin next door, but I like the staff and service better.

Home, hung my old calendars (I have not had any up since moving, so had not seen the December pictures). Played with Goldwave trying to get the buzz out of the Naughty Marietta sound track, to no avail. Decided to capture with a different program, which gave me clean audio but poorer video. I'll settle for that. Started making DVD chapters, will do more tomorrow.

Tomorrow I'll head out for Livermore, and if there's no message from scendan I'll park myself in the downtown Starbucks and play on the computer for a while.

Afternoon plans are to hang my posters and Thai temple rubbings, take out the garbage, maybe Target for kitty litter, finish Naughty Marietta DVD.