December 27th, 2006


Tuesday-Humpday Wrap up

Tuesday was a day off, and I decided to take advantage of Target's announced Big Sale to buy a heater and a cordless vacuum cleaner. Except there wasn't anything on special except Christmas crap. Got the heater and vacuum anyway. And the heater proved to be another Holmes brand disaster. Thermostat was totally off, and the heater did not continue to heat the room after its first instance of powering up and turning off. The vacuum was much better, but I haven't done more than a cursory check. This weekend I'll see how it does on the stairs and the bedroom.

Watched some football, made some goodies for farmount's party, took Marilyn out to dinner for what was supposed to be her last night in town. Thanks to the storm, it's been delayed by a day, which is good because it really sucks to move in the rain, especially when it's professional movers who are looking for any excuse to take a long, long time and charge by the hour.

Got home and watched a DVD of The Notorious Betty Paige, which was a lot better than I expected. Gretchen Mol plays Betty to perfection, and the two brief nude scenes showed her to have a much more toned body than the original Betty. Quite lovely. I've put several Gretchen Mol movies into my Netflix queue.

The cast was very good, the writing was a bit stilted, but done that way to give a 50's feel to the flick. The scenes in Tennesee and NYC were filmed in old B&W stock, and developed in a hot tub - very contrasty and grainy - and the Miami scenes were in Technicolor, or something like it. Also on purpose, but I think the director went overboard. They also tried to replicate the congressional hearings, where it would have been better to just use the source footage. She also did the very 50's thing of only hinting at the facts that Betty's dad abused her, her husband beat her, and she was once gang raped soon after her marriage broke up. Not that I wanted to see the gory details on film, but they deserved more than the 10 seconds they were given.

Another part of the script I find difficult to believe is that Betty's bondage films were done by a brother-sister team who worked hard to maintain their little legitimate bookstore in the city, and only did the films as an innocent way to make a little extra cash. The reality was probably more that they were major taboo porn distributors, and the book store was just a front. They sold enough porn to become the focus of a congressional investigation, I don't call that a side-line business.

All in all not a bad rental.

Today was back to work, somehow the campus did not lose power through our stormy Tuesday or this morning's high winds. I was given a new project, which uses a couple of video analysis tools I need to learn. It's one of those "set up the program, wait 30 minutes, take a reading, then set up the program again" projects. I'm comparing the readings from two software packages, and also giving the readings to another department so they can give me back some useful values computed from the raw data.

Tonight was quiet, answered email and bought a couple of things online. Teased some people in chat rooms. Watched Florida State whack UCLA in the travesty they call the Emerald Bowl. Turning the Giant's baseball stadium into a football venue is absurd, the field surface just plain sucked. And what does SF have to do with "Emerald" anyway? Seattle and Eugene both use that moniker, but not SF.

More of that tomorrow.
Having lunch with a friend from a start-up we worked for in 1996-7 who works upstairs from me now. After work will return the heater and maybe watch some football.