Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Just when i thought things couldn't get worse

Unannounced, bozo manager invades my new lab with half a dozen engineers from Netflix to demo a way to measure audio sync with a camera. It took them more than an hour because the lab is new and only a couple of the network connections are live, and the demo people didn't really know what they were doing. And bottom line is it did not look like a real solution. They used a stock clip which had no moving lips, an artificially generated voice counting up numbers.

When I stepped out of the room they unplugged my router - I unplugged their device and put my router back in place. "Oh look, it connects" says bozo, who doesn't know that the netflix router has to connect with the netflix server, and it can take a long time.

I am seriously ready to not come back after the long weekend. But I need the $$. Well, not need, but I'd have to sell some stock to make ends meet. And I don't have much left. IRA money gets taxed, so that ends up costing more.

Once again, out early, at work just on time. Took a long route via Central, which was pretty messed up.

Lunch was beef & grain from Safeway. Later as a snack I tried the spinach salad, which was mostly spinach leaves and a few sweet pepper slices. And a HB egg.

Also ate the two peaches/nectarines I brought, and some strawberries from the break room.

With my router in place I was able to finish the tests on the Argentina box, and gather logs from the James Bond device which has Bluetooth issues.

4-ish, plugged in the car. It only needed about an hour. The work chargers are faster than the home one. By then there were enough empty spaces that I didn't need to move the car. Stayed late again, traffic without a concert was not so bad.

Dropped off the rent check. There was a weekly card game going on in the big hall. I puzzled over one of the jigsaws in the library, but there is a reason it is 95% done.

Home, nothing delivered. Opened the ASUS tablet, it was dead, and did not charge with the NVidia charger I usually use. The Amazon questions page lied, it does not have a C connector. It needs 8 hours on its own charger to fire up. I am not amused.

Dinner was pizza again, because it's easy and $69 should go a long way. Finished another thing of ice cream. Watched PTI and Who Is The One? or whatever it is called. Lots of sexy women in bikinis, and if I was into men it would be a treat too. The drama llama has moved on to a man she is not psychotically obsessed with, and one couple was declared a Perfect Match™. There are two more, but they don't tell you who. I find that rude and unfair. The point of the show is to change losers into winners in the dating game, so they really ought to say who is doing it right.

Watched enough of the 49ers game to know they have a swiss cheese 2nd string defense. Looking forward to real games with real players.

I have a load of laundry to take out of the dryer. Shirts, mostly.

Plans for tomorrow:
Try to survive another day at work.
Will skip the beer & demos - soft tacos are the "treat" - gag me
Maybe I'll go to The pear. Maybe not, it's opening night. More $ for less polished

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