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That special cookie whacked me hard. Spot licked me awake at 4 am, so I took a trip to the loo and went back to sleep. Up again at 7:15, not caring to get out of bed. Watched videos till 11. Shower helped a little, but I was still a bit dizzy. As long as I kept my eyes open I was okay.

Took care of email and Facebook, started up the recording of the Raiders/Seahawks game. Fired up the Samsung tablet and was still locked out of my account, so I did the password reset thing. Turns out it didn't invalidate the fingerprint login on the phone. So now I can control my stuff from the tablet and the phone, as well as Alexa and Google Home. I iz happy.

A couple of notes about dead people.

At work I was too late to watch John McCain's eulogies. I may get around to them later on YouTube, but for now, let me just say I won't be watching Obama's or Bush's, because IMHO they are both horrible public speakers. Obama never completes a sentence without awkwardly pausing, and Bush sounds like the Wicked Witch of the West. I hear McCain's daughter might be worth replaying. I admired McCain for many things, and was disgusted with him for many things. While he had no chance to beat Obama, his kow towing to the RNC and naming Sarah Palin as his running mate was totally insane. OTOH, he did give Tina Fey's career a huge boost.

I was in time for YouTube Live to switch over to Aretha Franklin's service. The baptist church setting turned me off. While Aretha got her start there, she was much, much bigger than that. I switched off when Al Sharpton appeared. Why isn't that phony baloney in jail? And never had a chance to get back because I needed the TV for testing some Netflix clips. Maybe YouTube tomorrow... I have been a fan of Aretha's for as long as I can remember. Especially her early years (Mom gave me 78s) I can recognize her voice and style instantly. RESPECT is far from my favorite one of her numbers, I like her work with Louis Armstrong much more. It's easy to scream, much harder to sing.
Raiders did well, Seahawks showed they have a long way to go with their backups. Gruden has put on weight since getting the job. Carroll seems to have shriveled a bit.

Brunch was melted cheese on extra sour rye. Popsicles for dessert.

Somewhere in there I opened the front door, Spot rocketed out. I gave up trying to chase him. He came back in an hour.

3-ish, the cookie was still with me, so I took a nap. Slept till after 5. Hung up the shirts from last night's dryer run.

Out of Hawaiian shirts, so I spent an hour ironing the pile from several weeks of washing. It amazes me how many I have.  Especially considering I only wear them on weekends.

The Samsung tablet is mostly set up now, probably need to update Android on it.

In the mail was a check for $54, my sales from the con art show, minus 10% fee.

Plans for tonight:
Make dinner
Watch some Tivo

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