Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Second Saturday

Yesterday feels like it never happened. This morning I was feeling incredibly lazy, Spot licked me awake again at 4, and meowed me awake at 7:15, but I read from the tablet (back to using the Samsung) and watched videos and played on social media until noon.

Finally up and showered and put the undies from the washer into the dryer.

At the PC, I saw an ASUS charger & cable, and panicked because maybe I sent the wrong one back with the Zen pad. Opened the return box from the bottom, because the shipping label was on top, and checked. Right charger was in there. Sealed it back up.

Shut Spot in the bedroom so I could take a bunch of stuff out to the car for Goodwill, plus the UPS return. Opened the bedroom door and shooed him way from the carport door when the time came. Breakfast was a Kind bar.
UPS store was closed. Goodwill was not just open but they had lots of helpful staff on hand to point to the right donation boxes.

Home, forgot that I needed a couple of things from Target on the way back. And forgot to stop at the ATM.

Had a snack of clam strips as I powered up the bluray player to watch Star Wars: A New Hope. I'm pretty sure when it was first released it was simply called Star Wars. It's the first one released, but now there are three alleged prequels. I bought a 3-movie set of which this is the first.

I had never seen  the movie before, not in its entirety. When it was released, I was living outside of Haad Yai, Thailand on an isolated ag research campus, and the one movie theater in town mostly played Thai first run, Chinese comedies and really bad Hindi movies with the worst special effects ever.

So this edited version has two big flaws. First, is they changed the opening crawler to be about the 4th episode, gone is the "in a galaxy far far away". Second is that's not James Earl Jones' voice coming out of Darth Vader. And the acting sucks. Big time. And the storm troopers are pretty good shots.

Anyhow, now I've seen it, and I can say I am surprised they ever made a sequel.

Followed the clam strips with egg rolls.

No dessert yet. Had a root beer float after lunch. Or maybe it was instead of lunch.

Took out the garbage. Holidays don't affect garbage pickup here. My heart was not in it - back in the recliner, BP was a little high, pulse was 80.

Also watched an episode of Penn & Teller.

Yesterday in the mail was an offer to sign a 10-year lease on the park slot. 3% increase per year instead of 6%. I need to think about it. Maybe next week I'll take some time to look at alternatives.

Plans for tomorrow:
UPS again ( check if they are open first)
ATM -deposit the art show check
Target - sandwich bags


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