January 1st, 2007


Happy New Day

Had an excellent time at farmount's party, which lasted till about 4:30 am. I managed to get about 5 hours of sleep before heading down the hill.
Edit add:Photos are online in my web photo gallery

Watched some football, had lunch, met a friend to see Happy Feet. Afterwards we tried the Starbucks across from the theater, but it was locked up. No sign, just not open. After a quick stop home I took the laptop to my neighborhood Starbucks, which is open and where I am now.

Mini-review of Happy Feet:  Not what I expected from the trailers. Good on many levels - lots more singing than dancing, all of it enjoyable and cleverly arranged from mostly old songs. Kind of "what kind of music would have found its way as far as the South Pole?" concept. Some annoying stereotypes (the best singers were black, the best dancers Hispanic).  And for performers, there is an additional stereotype which is the heart of the plot: Dance vs. Song.

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You already know by the title that dance wins this time. But just wait till the humans learn to speak penguin...

Very pretty art design, worth seeing on a big screen.

Now that the laptop is charged up, I think I'll pack up and go home. May be able to catch the end of the Rose Bowl. Don't know if I'll hit BASFA tonight. Do know I'll call my folks.

Need to massage the party pics, the stupid camera kept putting itself into "nearest object" focus mode, instead of focusing on that I was aimed at. Very annoying. I don't know if it is the lens or the body which is to blame. Need to do some research. May get the picture online today, maybe tomorrow. With a more detailed write-up.

Back to work
Who knows?