January 9th, 2007



I was planning on going to the New Technology Meetup tonight, but when I logged in to RSVP, two bits of trivia stopped me. The first bit is the agenda features demos by companies I have no interest in. That usually doesn't stop me because there's usually something to be gleaned from the demos. The other is there was only 1 space left in the 150-person limit. The venue cannot support 150 people, and while many folks don't show up who RSVP, still more show up who didn't. It's a nice venue, but it is just not set up to handle a capacity crowd. They need to move it to a real auditorium, like the CHM or NASA or HP or Apple. I'd rule out HP because they have draconian security, come to think of it.

Just made my ticket reservation for Saratoga Drama Group's crab feed next Saturday. 6-9 pm, they usually sell out, so follow the link and give Gary a call. This is not exactly a shameless plug, since at the moment my only association with SDG is being friends with several regulars, including board member howbearca, my Evil Twin. But since they are doing my favorite show this season...

Which reminds me, it's after New Year, time to look for shows to be in. Musicals are my first choice, G&S operettas are #2 and comedies are #3. I'll do small character roles in straight plays as a last resort, but I'd frankly rather be a techie or direct than being a bit player. I am not a small actor, and there are way too many parts which are too small for me, despite what the popular saying says. Besides SDG, I'll be looking at Sunnyvale, Lyric Theater, Pear Ave., Dragon, and possibly Stanford Savoyards, though not too likely since they are doing a show which has the dubious honor of being the least-performed G&S opus on a very long list. I won't do anything with West Valley, since they kicked me out of a show in a very rude way, and the person who engineered that event is still one of the mainstays of that group. Some good did come of it - a friend got to play the part (he knew nothing of the back-stabbing which put him there, and we remain friends) and I got to perform the part a few years later in a much better production. Knowing the role helped me land it the second time.

I've been having a minor shipping adventure with UPS and Tiger Direct. I made a typo on my new address, transposed two characters, and I caught it right after I placed the online order, and emailed them about it. Also tried to phone the next day, but the holidays had their lines tied up. By the time I got through, the item had shipped. They tried to call UPS to make the change, but instead of doing the intelligent thing and taking the info then and there, UPS said for me to call them the day it was due to arrive, and correct the address then. Well, it arrived a day early (yesterday) and when they tried to deliver to the non-existent address, it ended up back at the depot, at which time they automagically "corrected" it - with my old address. I called last night to correct the address, and the dispatcher said he would send a message to the local depot, but apparently it didn't get read because at 7:30 this morning they phoned to confirm the wrong, old address.  The nice man got the right address, and said the package would be delivered by 10 am.I came home from work at about 6, no package. Just as I was starting to write this, at 6:30, the delivery man brought it.

It's a nice new motherboard, an Intel brand one, to replace the ASUS which has been misbehaving. This is the second ASUS which has been intermittent, hence the brand change. It is supposed to support the RAID array I currently have, but I'm going to wait for the 500GB firewire backup drive to arrive next week before changing out the motherboard. Just in case. I have about 350GB of data on a 1TB array.

While I was on Amazon this morning, I ordered cast albums for Wonderful Town and Our Town, Bobby Bare's live album Down & Dirty (I have this on vinyl, but want a legit digital copy now that one is available) and Mellencamp's greatest hits, because I really need Hurts So Good on my car's CD rotation.

Also on order are copies of A Crack in the Edge of the World being sent as gifts to my baby sister the acoustics engineer and a scientist friend up on Victoria Island. And I'm still waiting for them to deliver my vocal score for Avenue Q.

Enough of this sitting in front of the computer. There's a Torchwood DVD burning a hole in my entertainment unit. It's okay, girls, it's not that entertainment unit.