January 18th, 2007


Not Much To Say

Made a post office stop at lunchtime, a large-ish brown amazon.com box will appear at the home of one of my friends in the next few days. I hope you like the card.

Went to Dragon Theater in Palo Alto, saw an awful play called Humble Boy. Not good enough to review. The set was very nice, much more complete than they usually have in this 42-seat black box theater. The play is a good example of a playwright trying to shoehorn way too many ideas into a single plot. And it's written in heavily idiomized up-country British. Very strident, very shallow characters whose actors did not try to make less cardboard. Six people in the cast, six people in the audience. The way-too-long curtain call was embarrassing for the dozen of us. Kudos to all the actors for learning so many unbearably long, pointless monologues.

Got to play some fun games with video streams at work today, we have this amusing device which let me take the video from the Star Wars:Clones movie and apply the sound track from Chicken Run. I also tried replacing the sound track with one from a German game show, but since that was recorded at a different frame rate (PAL vs NTSC for the bit-heads in the audience) it made the audio sound like intermittent bursts of Germanic scuba divers speaking through their regulators. And it may have made the video a little jerky too, but that movie was pretty jerky to begin with.

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