January 27th, 2007


At Long Last, the search is over

bigcatroary will possibly find this amusing, or at least anecdotal. At his wedding I met his bride's sister, and we hit it off well enough for said sister to invite me to spend my birthday week with her in Boston. A friend of hers came over to help finish of a fifth of Scotch I'd brought as a gift, a stunning redhead in leather, who taught early music at a local college, maybe Boston U. Friend was attached, which was okay because I had the hots for sister of the bride and this was before it was clear the feeling was not mutual. I'm not sure if sister or friend or both sang this song that evening, or if I heard it at a concert sister took me to, but some time during my trip I heard this witty song of lust at an early music concert. I have been hunting for it ever since. To give you an idea how long ago that was, bigcatroary has been married two more times.

Shortly after I returned home i tried to find a copy of this song, but this was before the web, and all Usenet could tell me is it was done in concert, but never recorded, by Blossom Dearie.

For no reason whatsoever, I did a search for it tonight, and found the lyrics, and a CD by a Blossom Dearie cover singer in Oz who has recorded it. I probably won't be buying that CD because the sample clip of the song didn't impress me, but it's an easy tune.

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Sister took me to a solo concert by a friend of hers, I think it was the SO of the friend. Either harpsichord or classical guitar. In either case, very pretty music. So pretty that I fell asleep.


Case Study

After work I went to Fry's and bought the LEDs for the PC case. Got home, after dinner installed a red one for power and a green one for hard drive and they look a lot more intuitive than the two blue ones previously there. Also moved some wires out of the path of the fans. The fans are now so quiet I can hear the hard drives grinding away. And they are moving more air than the old ones, if the thermal indicators are accurate.

The new keyboard cannot send characters as fast as I can type. So if you see more typos than normal, blame that.

Short Review

Tonight's Netflix offering is called Look In My Shorts. Here is their blurb on this gem:

Sex has never been funnier or wittier than in this thought-provoking collection of erotic shorts. In "Freshening Up," Adrian Grenier is a guy who imagines his girlfriend (Gretchen Mol) indulging in the forbidden; "It's Hard" follows a woman's efforts to make her man happy; "Whacked" explores a kinky tryst; "Last Time I Had Sex" is self-explanatory; and "Six Months of Darkness, Six Months of Light" features Kelly Rutherford.

I got it for the Gretchen Mol content (she played Betty Paige in a previously reviewed movie) and was disappointed in her lack of nudity but she made up for it in sexy acting.

All these shorts are entertaining, all of them play Twister with relationships, and while only Whacked and Six Months are photographed at a professional level, there is good acting in all of them and the writing on all except The Last Time is professional grade.

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Got everything on my list done. Replaced most of the water in the fish tank. Picked up a package at Fedex ( a sapphire from Thailand), went to the mall and bought a replacement pair of Birkenstocks (they cost $10 less than the online store), went to every store which might have a leather jacket and came up empty, but I needed the exercise and it was about a 5 mile walk. On the walk I bought batteries for my doorbell (tiny 12V specialty type) and the remote which opens the driveway gate at the apartment complex. Drove back to the neighborhood and hit Petsmart where a few things I needed were on ale (fish stuff and cat food). And am now in Starbucks where I went online and found exactly the leather bomber jacket I wanted at a surplus outlet for $45. The lowest price I saw for any leather jacket at the mall was $250. I saw one on sale, 50% off at Nordy's for $550! Ridiculous. It would have cost $100 to get my jacket refurbished and installed with a new zipper - I'd paid $150 for it in Puerto Vallarta about 10 years ago. I think. I forget when I went there.

So I think I'll celebrate by picking up some Kleenex and olives (don't need 'em yet, but there are none left in the closet) and cleaning the litterbox.

And there are 2 DVDs to watch. Rounders and Music from Another Room.
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