January 28th, 2007


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Met my friend Janice at the movies, to see Letters From Iwo Jima. Not a movie I would normally run out and see, but Janice sees all the Oscar nominees before the awards night, and this was one of the last on her list. It does not live up to its name. While it purports to reconstruct the Japanese side of the story from a stash of unsent letters discovered buried in a cave there, there are few quotes from the letters, and instead we get your standard apologist war movie.

Got home and during dinner watched the next flick in my Gretchen Mol Film Festival, Music From Another Room. Very romantic, and while the outcome of the romance is utterly predictable, the bits and pieces are not particularly so. Gretchen is terminally adorable in this one, but while she is on the cover, she gets third billing under Law and Jennifer Tilly (who plays Gretchen's blind sister). Brenda Blethyn plays the girls' crazy mother, and while she has her moments I've seen her do better. Good chick flick.

Mac Attack

Just for grins, pulled the Mac G3 out of the closet and set it up in the computer room. Took about 5 minutes to figure out the TCP/IP control panel (it needed a DHCP server address, which Windows figures out automatically). It's up and running, and now I suppose I need to see if it's capable of running OS X. It has 9.2.2 now, 128MB SDRAM, 12G HDD and it says 350MHz on the back, but I don't know what that refers to. I know I will need to replace the CD drive with a DVD drive if I want to install OS X. The guys at the Apple store in the mall said if I gave them the serial number they could look it up for me, but I suspect I can do that myself on the apple web site.