February 3rd, 2007


Flies Time

Got a lot done so far today. Started editing the DVD for Man of La Mancha this morning, took the cats to the vet, which was great because the vet is farmount, and it is so nice to have the cats in the hands of someone I know and love. A week from Tuesday they go back to get their major work-up and dental cleaning.

Back home, I finished up the DVD editing and set it to cranking out the ISO file and burning a disc from that, which is usually about a 3 hour process for a 2-hour DVD. Took myself back to the same shopping plaza the vet is in, and got my nails done. I am rally happy with this new place - if you are looking for nail work or pedicures, this is the place to go:
Capri Nail Spa

The long-awaited digital PC speakers arrived today, but they are useless, missing the controller box and subwoofer. The seller claims he said the subwoofer was not included in the ad, but amazon.com removed the ad so I can't see it. Will have to pursue this later. Worse comes to worse I'll re-sell it on ebay.

Going home now for a bit, then to a friend's to work on her PC. Also need to shop for salad stuff & bananas.
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