February 5th, 2007


M*A*S*H Wins The Superbowl

Yesterday's Superbowl did not break the record for the most-viewed TV show in America. I am happy to report it came in behind to the final episode of M*A*S*H. It also came in behind the 1996 Dallas-Pittsburgh Superbowl.
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Inigo Montoya

Only in San Francisco

SF Mayor Gavin Newsom was doing his best friend's wife while his best friend was his Chief of Staff. His best friend's wife had been his appointments secretary. So I guess his being on his staff led to her being on his staff...which led to her being on his staff.

So today Newsom does the Politically Correct thing and announces he is going into counseling. 


For alcohol abuse.


He says he has stopped drinking, which is probably a major event for a guy who founded a wine store, a string of restaurants and a Winery.

But only in San Francisco would it never occur to someone in his position to seek counseling for his inadvisable choice of relationships.

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