February 8th, 2007


Mac Attack

I am writing this from a Mac G3 on which I just installed OS X and am connected via a USB wireless adapter, which OS X seems to have issues with finding consistently.

I've been using Vista at work for the past week, and looking at OS X I need to say there is no rip-off that I can see by Microsoft. Vista's look and feel are entirely different except for a couple of probably coincidental display effects, which any designer would have come up with.

After initial setup in the computer room, I've moved the box down to the kitchen counter where it isn't in the way. Will play on it from time to time just to get a better feel for it. One thing I immediately do not like is the lack of a scroll wheel on the mouse. I can live without the left-click, kind of.

Astro Glide

So, I think I have pieced together a plausible story to account for the astronaut-astronaut-air force officer love triangle story. At least on a soap opera surface level. It goes like this:

Lisa and Billy were astronauts in training together. They were attracted to each other, but since they were both married, naval officers and co-workers they did the honorable thing and drew the line at a drink or two, or maybe the occasional hug. Hugs don't mean much when you're in an EVA suit.

They never get the chance to go into space together, so so much for the 300-mile-high club. And besides, Lisa's hubby works in Mission Control, so even if they did go up together, they wouldn't be able to fool around. There are cameras everywhere, and the john is too small to do it in.

Years pass, Billy is now a single dad. Lisa starts to hope. Lisa bounces some "what if" ideas off Billy, and imagines his answers are encouraging. Heck, maybe they are. So she files for a legal separation from her husband. But there's a hitch. Billy is also seeing Colleen. Colleen is near Kennedy but Billy and Lisa live near Houston. Billy says it might be awkward to get together that weekend because Colleen is coming out to visit. Lisa sees this as a major threat to her 20-year-old dreams, just as they seemed about to come true. She looks at her watch and figures she has just enough time to get to Florida and intercept Colleen. So she throws a few things into the car and hightails it east.

She's been through the military base to airport thing before, and knows what the Air Force bus looks like, and where it is likely to drop off passengers. In her clever disguise, she stalks Colleen and pepper sprays her. And gets caught.

In her mug shot she looks like hell only because she just drove for two days straight, probably hopped up on caffeine and sugar, and the wig mussed her hair big-time. Normally she's quite pretty.

What do you think? Makes sense?

Oh yeah, this is a work of fiction, any resemblance between characters in this story, living or dead or on crack is purely coincidental and if you think otherwise you need to seek counseling for alcohol abuse.


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