February 9th, 2007


The Widder Marshall

As edith_mf pointed out, Pigs In Space has been wiped off the front page with the unexpected demise of the Widder Marshall, a woman who took the concept of "gold digger" to a whole new level.

And of course I have a couple of theories.

Theory number one is she overdosed on something. Possibly on purpose, despondent over her son's recent OD death, and the handwriting on the wall saying "you ain't inheriting nothin', bitch". The nice man in the police uniform who pussy-footed around the autopsy report said they had not found any non-prescription drugs in her body. He did not point out that most prescription drugs can kill you, which is why they require prescriptions in the first place.

Theory number two is a stretch, but I like it better than #1 'cause it's closer to what I would like to believe was her style, vis: She was the victim of the combination of rapid weight loss and the side effects of the weight loss pills for which she had recently become spokesperson, and died of a heart attack.

One thing is for certain. She won't be seeking alcohol abuse counseling.
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