February 13th, 2007


Los Gatos

Dropped the cats off at 7 am for their dental cleaning/microchipping. farmount called around 1 o'clock to let me know she was finished and the furballs were okay and would be ready for pickup by 4. I came by at 5:30, and collected the little beasties and a pile of paperwork, and got a hug from the doctor. It was kind of funny watching the new receptionist trainee (she started this morning) carrying Pumpkin out in his carrier. He was obviously way bigger than she expected a cat to be. The non-trainee receptionist, being the smaller of the two, brought out Domino.

They were silent on the ride home, and as soon as I let them out the made a beeline for the food dish. Domino hogged the feeder, and would not let Pumpkin get a bite, which is pretty amusing because Pumpkin is twice her size. But he was still pretty disoriented, I took a handful of food out of the dish and tried to give it to him, and then put it on the floor in front of him, but he ignored it and tried again and again to get his head into the food dish, but Domino kept crowding him out. Eventually he gave up and went upstairs and sat on the balcony, watching people and cats in the courtyard below.

Didn't get lunch today, I met one eBay buyer at the local Starbucks to give him a motherboard which saved me some packing and him some shipping $$. Then I went to the post office and boxed up and mailed four more items.

Time for dinner.
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Gotta do my taxes. Turbotax has been sitting in my file cabinet for months, I was waiting for one last W-2 to show up. Volt Technical Services, the contract company which screwed up so many different ways on my first Microsoft gig, not only was late sending the form, they ignored my change of address and sent it to the old apartment.

It's going to be a tedious session - I worked for four different employers at four different pay rates. I'm pretty sure the gummint will owe me, since the first 6 months was at a high salary compared to the last 6.