February 21st, 2007


The Day of the Hump

The backup USB drive is humming as I format it. I'll sell it on eBay as soon as it's wiped. I tried running Drive Scrubber, but my PC's BIOS apparently doesn't like its boot floppy.  Maybe if I re-position it on my desk it'll stop humming. Yup, that did it. Or maybe not. Did not need the backup, after all, and as long as I have a spare drive for my RAID array, I'll be okay. I do still need to put the latest year's photos on DVD, though.

I think I need to bring eye drops in to work, my eyes are drying out and it's been tough to keep them open. I'm not sleepy or bored or anything, but it is way too cold in my office and cold usually = dry.

Came home and closed my eyes for 45 minutes, enough time for traffic to dissipate and the commute lanes to be open to all. I drove to the Staples behind SFO and bought a phone for my folks. For the past couple of weeks their phone's battery hasn't been able to last half an hour, and this has been true through a couple of new batteries. Staples had a Uniden 2-handsets +  answering machine unit for $10 less than everyone else, and it's just right for them. Both handsets and the base have speakerphone capability, the handsets have lighted keypads and larger than average LCD displays. I've loaded the batteries and have put the handsets on the charger so they will be able to use the phone as soon as they get it. I'll probably also program in their children's phone numbers and record a greeting message. I'll probably get the one off their current machine and apply it to the new one. Silly audio tricks 101.

I have been reading several friends' postings about Pantheacon, and have decided I am not spiritual at all. None of their doings spoke to me. They are my friends, they are people I like and respect and some I even admire, and I mean no criticism of them for being on a different path. Or maybe it's more accurate to say they are on a path, I'm out in the woods somewhere. Or on the beach, more probably, holding a seashell to my ear and hearing white noise.

A Question From The Socially Inept

I'll make this a public post because this is not about anyone you know.

A friend of a friend of mine  has been emailing me about her life & times for a couple of years, and I'm worried about a pattern of behavior I'm seeing in those messages, but don't know what to say or how to say it.

It's pretty simple:

She parties to get drunk. Falling-down drunk. She is neither embarrassed nor proud of this.

The friend who introduced us tells me the person in question is not an alcoholic, she drinks mostly non-alcoholic drinks, has a good work attendance record, and is pretty social. But when she parties she gets plastered.

She's a nice person, very talented and attractive. But I'm worried about her clobbering her body like that.

I don't know her that well, we're not An Item and never will be, so the question is do I even mention my concerns to her?

Feel free to comment.