March 3rd, 2007


Real quick because I have stuff to do - public version

Had a wonderful time last night at Dragon Theater in Palo Alto - a 2-person show called Maybe, Baby, It's You. The two persons are Meredith Hagedorn and Noel Wood. Meredith is an old buddy, I've seen a lot of her acting but have never been onstage with her. Noel I've seen once in a hilarious rendition of Scapin at Bus Barn.

The show is a series of skits, about dating and being a couple. Some of the skits are part of a running gag which resolves itself toward the end. I wish they had listed the scenes in the program because my Senior Brain can't remember the names off hand.

It's a great show. I laughed most of the way through it (there are some sad/poignant bits to allow for recovery time). In between scenes, they play simple love poems over the PA system. The pre-show and intermission music was a hodge podge of sometimes cynical, sometimes romantic music. Barenaked Ladies' If I Had A Million Dollars made it into both.

My favorite bit by far was one where they play it in trenchcoats and it's a very tightly written spoof of all the bad detective movies, triple entendrés and mataphores on parade. Coming in second for me was the scene where the Nice Guy has a blind date - with Medea. And there's a sweet one about an elderly divorced couple at their grandson's soccer match.

Well worth seeing. Reservations required - the place only seats 40 or so. Runs through the 25th.

It's all in the timing

And I seem to have none of that stuff today. Got to Consonance a little after 6 because they have a special after-6 Saturday rate, and discovered there is a 2-hour dinner break. So I went across the street to Asian Restaurant Central and had dinner at an over-priced Malaysian place. Possibly the worst battered coconut shrimp I have ever had - they did not peel the shrimp before they battered and fried them, and did not fry them hot enough to make the shells edible. The Roti Chanai was very thin and a generous portion, but the beef satay was tiny and over cooked and not satay at all but Mini-Me's shish kabob without the veggies. The peanut sauce was sweet instead of hot, and they had chopped red onion, sans vinegar. Gag me. Thai Iced Tea was made with some tea other than Thai.

But the service was quick. Not terribly good, but quick. They brought me the next table's chicken satay by mistake, and after I got the right order two more servers came over with what they thought was my beef satay order. But at least they tried, and that counts for something.

The wifi here at the Crowne Plaza is not free, or maybe there's a pass code in the con materials that I didn' read. Either way, I'll send this later from home. I was hoping there would be a copy place in the plaza across the street, but no such luck, so I'll hit my local Kinko's on the way home.

Did get one project done, though - imported the cast and crew list into Eudora, so stuff won't be labled as spam. And wrote a filter to tag it with a J-H subject line.Can't use an ampersand because it's a reserved character in their filter language.

I'm wearing my 1993 Hitchhiker's Guide Menlo Players T-shirt. Several of the J&H cast were surprised it was a stage play.And even more surprised that the movie was taken almost word for word from it.

Sent email off to the BayCon party alias, asking for my room to be moved to the party floor. I'll provide soft drinks and chocolate, and acoustic filking is the kind of music I'll have on hand. I hope some of my singer friends will pop by. And it'll also be available for costumers who need some space before Masq. So many of my friends and family are costumers. I'm not much of a tailor myself, but my great-grandfather was - for the Royal house of England. It's how he was able to send his dozen or so children from Russia to England to New York.  At least one of them stayed in London, 'cause I have cousins there. I think one is still in the textile biz.

Email from Seattle, my sister's son & his family will not be coming to visit. Stupid stupid stupid. The problem is they could not get a visa for their infant son. They have visas for my nephew, his wife and their eldest son. I know one of my nieces would gladly look after the baby for a month, but no.... it's all or nothing with them. As if the baby will get anything out of a trip to America. And I'm sure my parents would love to see 3 out of 4 of their grand and great-grandchildren rather than none.

Time to unplug and wander next door for the concerts.