March 10th, 2007


I should be studying my lines

Got a lot done today, but not everything I needed to do. Accomplished:
  • Picked up package at PO
    • iPaq accessories
  • Shopped at Target
    • Kitty litter, etc.
  • Shopped at Fry's
    • IR Keyboard and styli for iPaq
    • Small footprint radio for bathroom
    • $20 Creative webcam
    • Extra mini-tapes for music rehearsals
  • Changed the litterbox
  • Took out the garbage
  • Set up & tested the IR keyboard
  • Ditto the webcam
  • Chatted with cousin Renee about meeting my sister at the airport tomorrow
  • Vacuumed
  • Met a friend at Starbucks and helped her update her laptop
    • Daylight Time Hack
  • Made dinner
  • Watched another episode of Torchwood
  • Wrote this

Still need to study lines & make CDs from the music rehearsal tape.

Gas & wash the car
Take Renee to meet sister & brother-in-law at airport (they have never met - we only found out about 2 years ago Renee even existed )
Drive us all around SF and maybe do the cable car thing if the weather be good