March 12th, 2007


Amazing Day

Very full day, one of those days I am sorry is over because now I have one less day to look forward to.

Started a little late because the allegedly self-setting alarm clock in my bedroom refused to change to daylight time. So I got out of the apartment an hour later than planned, but still had plenty of slack time. Took the car to get gassed & washed, came back and made lunch, and waited for cousin Renee.

Drove to a hotel near SFO to meet my sister and brother-in law who were coming from the ancestral manse in Seattle on their way back to Israel. Their plane was on time, but they were an hour late - they said they had to wait an hour for the hotel shuttle. They could have phoned...

We chatted in their room, and they had their lunch, then we hopped in my car and headed to SF. Took Ben past his old haunts near the Haight, turns out Renee lived near there for a while too. Then to Chinatown, where sister got some gifts for co-workers, Renee got some dim sum to take home, and I got a couple of photos. Back into the car, down to Fisherman's Wharf by way of the Embarcadero. I forgot Ben wanted to see Lombard St, otherwise I'd have gone up over the hill. We walked around Pier 39, saw the sea lions (there were not a lot of them today) and then back to the car where I got very lost trying to find 20th and Irving where the kosher vegan Chinese restaurant was. Ended up down way south by Randall Park. I had turned left off Geary instead of right.

Finally found the place, and we had dinner. I ordered the faux cashew chicken, but nothing in the plate resembled chicken. Sis' BBQ spare ribs looked authentic - for BBQ sauced tofu. Renee ordered rice noodles but got glass (bean curd) noodles. Brother-in-law ordered chow mein which looked like chow mein, and fried rice which was too hot for him. Renee loves spicy so she took it home. We all ordered steamed white rice and were given over-boiled brown rice. Service was slow, but the place was packed and it was 9 pm, probably closing time.

Took everyone back to the hotel, had a short chat while Renee changed (she had been wearing shorts - it was 75F in SF until dinner time) and then I drove Renee home with me, where she made a quick stop to pet the cats, then drove back to SCruz. Hope to see her again in 2 weeks, her band is playing in SVale again.

Music rehearsal. Everyone is called except 3 of the leads. I am only in one chorus number, so this will most likely be a major time sink. But I don't mind singing. And I won't mind being sent home early, though I suspect that won't happen. But I'm not called for rehearsals again till Saturday - another all-chorus one, probably also a time waster for me. I'm harly in Act II at all, so the next couple of weeks ought to be light.